Welcome Craftelot VIPs!

Thank you for scanning the QR code on the Craftelot business cards.  If you received one of these business cards, your are officially a VIP member of the Craftelot Resin Co. community!  

This means, you get 10% off any item in the Craftelot Resin Co. online shop!

All we ask for in return is your support on our social media channels!  Also, when you make a purchase, please remember to leave a review on our site.  We appreciate each and every one of you more than you know!  Follow the directions below, then head back to this page (each link will open in a new tab so you do not lose you discount code) to browse the Craftelot Shop. When you find an item to purchase, fill in the coupon code below at checkout and enjoy your 10% off VIP discount.

Step One: Support our Socials

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Step Two: Shop!

Browse the Craftelot Resin Co. Online Shop.

Step Three: Apply Discount Code

At checkout, add coupon code 10OFFVIP to enjoy 10% off your item.

Step Four: Checkout and Come Back Soon!

Checkout and remember to come back to leave a review after you receive your artwork.