Resin Art Product Review System: The Scale of Silicone Spoons

How We Rate the Resin Art Products we Review

The Scale of Silicone Spoons

To rate resin art products, we use the Scale of Silicone Spoons, with one silicone spoon representing the lowest ranking and five silicone spoons representing the highest ranking.

You will find our Silicone Spoon Scale in all of our product reviews, rating each product on specific, identified factors. For example, some common factors we rank on are durability, affordability, quality, and toxicity.

Here is what the Scale of Silicone Spoons looks like:

limino uv resin review
scale of silicone spoons

Products that receive all five silicone spoons in each ranking category, will receive a Gold Leafed Spoon Award.  These are the top-rated products, most of which we use ourselves and love, love, LOVE!

 Here is what our Gold Leafed Spoon Award looks like: 

Gold-Leafed Spoon Award

limino uv resin

How to Make Our ‘Best Of’ List

The products included in our Top Recommended Resin Art Product Lists meet and sometimes exceed all of the ranking factors we base the reviews on. All products are tested personally and many are tested on video and included in the tutorials posted on our Resin Art Blog.

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