Ever wanted to make your own resin cutting board, serving board, or charcuterie board? In this video, I will show you the process, as well as the specific materials, I used to make this beautiful resin cutting board.  I gifted this to my Grandmother for Christmas and she loved it! You can not go wrong with this type of DIY gift.  I will warn you, however, that quality DIY resin cutting boards require patience, attention to detail, and proper preparation.  The most important step, as noted in the video, is taping the board diligently and adequately.  If you properly tape your board, you are less likely to have resin pour, stick and dry on places of the board you meant to leave resin-free.  However, if you fail to tape perfectly (trust me, it happens to me every time!) you can sand the unwanted resin off of those areas.  Just be prepared to put some elbow grease into sanding!

Resin Cutting Board DIY Materials

Cutting Board

Picking a quality cutting board, charcuterie board, or serving board is key if you are aiming for a beautiful final product.  Quality wood will stand the test of time and picking a wood with coloring that matches you color resin color scheme will make all the difference.  The board I picked was affordable, but not the cheapest out there.  I suggest using a cutting board made of bamboo, maple, walnut, or even beech.  Here is the cutting board I picked to resin:

Castin’ Craft Transparent Dye

Bombay India Ink in Van Dyke Brown
Unfortunately, you have to buy a whole set of these.  However, if you like resin crafts, you will use them all eventually!  I love this kit.

Dr Ph Martin’s Iridescent Blue Calligraphy Ink
You can buy this individually, following the link.

However, this is another product that comes in a kit that is extremely useful for resin art.  It is one of my go-to kits for resin projects, both art and jewelry.
You can buy the kit here

Pearl Ex Pigment Powder in Super Bronze and Interference Violet
I have not found either of these colors sold individually.  The link will take you  to jacquard’s Pearl Ex Pigment Powder Series 1 Kit.  Super Bronze and Interference Violet, luckily, are both included in this kit.  This kit also contains some amazing Pearl Pigments, including a macro and micro.  (Yeah, I had no idea there was a difference either!)

Royal Violet Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

If this goes out of stock, you can find this paint for cheap at Wal-Mart.

Attom Tech Mica Powder in Gold

Another must-have kit for resin art.  You can not buy the gold color separately, but it is okay because this kit is affordable and the BEST investment you will make for resin crafts.

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