What Epoxy Resin to Buy So you are thinking of taking up an epoxy resin art project, but you just cant figure out which epoxy resin to buy.  Trust us, we have been there.  You are in the right place!  From epoxy resin river tables and paintings to epoxy resin jewelry and castings, there are literally thousands of ways to use epoxy resin for art.

Beginner resin artists are clueless when trying to decide what epoxy resin to buy for the specific resin art project they are attempting.  We can help! Before making a decision, it is important to educate yourself on the ways epoxy resin for art can differ.  Don’t worry, the factors to consider are not too numerous.  However, it is very important to familiarize yourself with these factors before making your decision on what epoxy resin to buy.  Plus, once you educate yourself, you will be a an old pro next time you have to decide what epoxy resin to buy.


Factors to Consider when Deciding What Epoxy Resin to Buy

1. Viscosity (thickness):

The viscosity of an epoxy resin is determined by its fluidity. Low viscosity epoxy resin is thinner, with a fluidity like vegetable oil.  Whereas a higher viscosity epoxy resin is much thicker, with a consistency closer to pudding or sunny slime.  Importantly, different viscosities are suitable for different types of resin artwork.

2. Working Time/Cure Time:

The working time is the time an artist has from the minute the epoxy resin has been mixed with the gardener to the time it starts to cure.  The cure time is the time it takes for the epoxy resin to fully harden. Usually, the longer the working time, the slower the cure time and the shorter the working time, the faster the cure time. For certain projects, like paintings, an epoxy resin artist will benefit from having a longer working time.  However, for other projects, like casting epoxy resin figurines, an artist will benefit from having a shorter cure time because it is not necessary to have as much working time with the casting.  This is all taken into account when making a decision as to what epoxy resin we recommend for each project.

3. Transparency/UV filter:

When I first started with epoxy resin art I created some large wall art pieces. I was using epoxy resin I was able to find at my local craft and hardware store, such as Envirotex Lite Epoxy Resin and Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin.   Unfortunately, in less than a years time, I noticed the pieces that had a clear coating on top of a light color had started to yellow.  Later, I learned this phenomenon is the result of whether or not an epoxy resin has a good UV filter.  As far as transparency goes, we will always recommend a clear epoxy resin.  However, if you find your epoxy resin looks cloudy after mixing, try sticking your epoxy resin bottles in warm water. The cloudiness is most likely a temperature issue and the warmth should clear it up quickly!

4. Toxicity:

Many solvent and chemicals are found in epoxy resins.  Before working with epoxy resin for art it is prudent to familiarize yourself with OSHA’s chemical data sheet on epoxy resin.  Among others, health issues from inhalation and skin contact are the most prevalent risks if working with epoxy resin for at.  Therefore, it is incredibly important for resin artists to wear a vapor mask and gloves while dealing with epoxy resin.  Check out Is Epoxy Resin Safe to use for Art? for an in-depth look into the chemical reactions created when mixing epoxy resin.  Please be responsible while creating!

5. Price:

Sometimes the cheaper products are not suitable for resin art, but don’t worry, there are affordable options that work well for many resin art projects.  Price is taken into consideration in our review process. However, a high price does not preclude a great product from making the list and a product that works terribly will not be included simply because it is offered at a very affordable price.

How We Rate Epoxy Resin for Art?

We use our Scale of Silicone Spoons!  One spoon being a low score and five silicone spoons being the highest.

In our epoxy resin for art reviews, you will find this chart with our ratings, which are formulated after testing each product.

Here is what the review table looks like:

what resin to buy

what resin to buy

Each of the products recommended below rated very high in all categories for each specific resin art project.

What Epoxy Resin to Buy for A Specific Art Project

Check out our guide on the Best Epoxy Resin for Art for in depth reviews of each of epoxy resins for art we recommend.

For your convenience, here is a summary of our recommendations for each type of resin art you may be experimenting with.  Hopefully this helps you decide what epoxy resin to buy for your project!  Just click on the links to see a review of our top epoxy resin recommendations for each category of resin art.

List of What Epoxy Resin to Buy

Best resin for painting:

best resin for painting
“Infernity” A Resin Painting by Craftelot Resin Co.

For an in-depth review of the best epoxy resin for painting, including how our number one pick ranked on our Scale of Silicone Spoons, see Best Resin for Painting.

Best epoxy resin coating: 

best resin for coating

Best epoxy resin for countertops: 

best resin for countertops

Best epoxy resin for coasters: 

best resin for epoxy resin coasters

Best epoxy resin for jewelry: 

best resin for jewelry

    • Non-UV:

    • UV:

Best doming resin:

best doming resin
Best Doming Resin

Best epoxy resin for tables:

best epoxy resin for table tops
Best Epoxy Resin for Table Tops

Best epoxy resin for deep pours:

Best epoxy resin for preserving flowers, insects, and other organic materials: 

preserving flowers in epoxy resin

Best casting resin:

best epoxy resin for castings
Best Epoxy Resin for Castings

Best epoxy resin for custom lights: 

best epoxy resin for custom lighting
Best Epoxy Resin for Custom Lighting

Best epoxy resin for wood: best epoxy resin for wood

Best UV resin:

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