What Epoxy Resin to Buy So you are thinking of taking up an epoxy resin art project, but you just cant figure out which epoxy resin to buy.  Trust us, we have been there.  You are in the right place!  From epoxy resin river tables and paintings to epoxy resin jewelry and castings, there are literally thousands of ways to use epoxy resin for art.

Beginner resin artists are clueless when trying to decide what epoxy resin to buy for the specific resin art project they are attempting.  We can help! Before making a decision, it is important to educate yourself on the ways epoxy resin for art can differ.  Don’t worry, the factors to consider are not too numerous.  However, it is very important to familiarize yourself with these factors before making your decision on what epoxy resin to buy.  Plus, once you educate yourself, you will be a an old pro next time you have to decide what epoxy resin to buy.


Factors to Consider when Deciding What Epoxy Resin to Buy

1. Viscosity (thickness):

The viscosity of an epoxy resin is determined by its fluidity. Low viscosity epoxy resin is thinner, with a fluidity like vegetable oil.  Whereas a higher viscosity epoxy resin is much thicker, with a consistency closer to pudding or sunny slime.  Importantly, different viscosities are suitable for different types of resin artwork.

2. Working Time/Cure Time:

The working time is the time an artist has from the minute the epoxy resin has been mixed with the gardener to the time it starts to cure.  The cure time is the time it takes for the epoxy resin to fully harden. Usually, the longer the working time, the slower the cure time and the shorter the working time, the faster the cure time. For certain projects, like paintings, an epoxy resin artist will benefit from having a longer working time.  However, for other projects, like casting epoxy resin figurines, an artist will benefit from having a shorter cure time because it is not necessary to have as much working time with the casting.  This is all taken into account when making a decision as to what epoxy resin we recommend for each project.

3. Transparency/UV filter:

When I first started with epoxy resin art I created some large wall art pieces. I was using epoxy resin I was able to find at my local craft and hardware store, such as Envirotex Lite Epoxy Resin and Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin.   Unfortunately, in less than a years time, I noticed the pieces that had a clear coating on top of a light color had started to yellow.  Later, I learned this phenomenon is the result of whether or not an epoxy resin has a good UV filter.  As far as transparency goes, we will always recommend a clear epoxy resin.  However, if you find your epoxy resin looks cloudy after mixing, try sticking your epoxy resin bottles in warm water. The cloudiness is most likely a temperature issue and the warmth should clear it up quickly!

4. Toxicity:

Many solvent and chemicals are found in epoxy resins.  Before working with epoxy resin for art it is prudent to familiarize yourself with OSHA’s chemical data sheet on epoxy resin.  Among others, health issues from inhalation and skin contact are the most prevalent risks if working with epoxy resin for at.  Therefore, it is incredibly important for resin artists to wear a vapor mask and gloves while dealing with epoxy resin.  Check out Is Epoxy Resin Safe to use for Art? for an in-depth look into the chemical reactions created when mixing epoxy resin.  Please be responsible while creating!

5. Price:

Sometimes the cheaper products are not suitable for resin art, but don’t worry, there are affordable options that work well for many resin art projects.  Price is taken into consideration in our review process. However, a high price does not preclude a great product from making the list and a product that works terribly will not be included simply because it is offered at a very affordable price.

How We Rate Epoxy Resin for Art?

We use our Scale of Silicone Spoons!  One spoon being a low score and five silicone spoons being the highest.

In our epoxy resin for art reviews, you will find this chart with our ratings, which are formulated after testing each product.

Here is what the review table looks like:

what resin to buy

what resin to buy

Each of the products recommended below rated very high in all categories for each specific resin art project.

What Epoxy Resin to Buy for A Specific Art Project

Check out our guide on the Best Epoxy Resin for Art for in depth reviews of each of epoxy resins for art we recommend.

For your convenience, here is a summary of our recommendations for each type of resin art you may be experimenting with.  Hopefully this helps you decide what epoxy resin to buy for your project!  Just click on the links to see a review of our top epoxy resin recommendations for each category of resin art.

List of What Epoxy Resin to Buy

Best resin for painting:

best resin for painting
“Infernity” A Resin Painting by Craftelot Resin Co.

For an in-depth review of the best epoxy resin for painting, including how our number one pick ranked on our Scale of Silicone Spoons, see Best Resin for Painting.

Best epoxy resin coating: 

best resin for coating

Best epoxy resin for countertops: 

best resin for countertops

Best epoxy resin for coasters: 

best resin for epoxy resin coasters

Best epoxy resin for jewelry: 

best resin for jewelry

    • Non-UV:

    • UV:

Best doming resin:

best doming resin
Best Doming Resin

Best epoxy resin for tables:

best epoxy resin for table tops
Best Epoxy Resin for Table Tops

Best epoxy resin for deep pours:

deep pour epoxy ultra clear resin

Best epoxy resin for preserving flowers, insects, and other organic materials: 

preserving flowers in epoxy resin

Best casting resin:

best epoxy resin for castings
Best Epoxy Resin for Castings

Best epoxy resin for custom lights: 

best epoxy resin for custom lighting
Best Epoxy Resin for Custom Lighting

Best epoxy resin for wood: best epoxy resin for wood

Best UV resin:

We are Amazon Affiliates and will get a small percentage of what you pay if you order through our Amazon links.  We put this site together in our spare time and appreciate you supporting us by ordering through our links.  Plus, it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

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  1. This is definitely something that I needed to find. I have not been able to find another article that actually goes in-depth and into detail of how to buy an epoxy resin. This has been the most thorough and concise article that I have read on this subject and I appreciate this a lot because. Thank you so much for this article

  2. As an illustrator and crafter, I’ve always have admire the work that has epoxy resin on it, but I’ve never used it because I really don’t have any idea on how to use it. I’m glad I found your website today as I’m sure it will help me to learn more about what is epoxy resin and how to use it. After reading your article I have more information about it and how to use it, but I will keep reading more blogs from you, and I’m sure your website will help me to start working with it on my work. 

    1. Absolutely and if there is anything you want to learn more about, please feel free to ask and I will direct you to a good tutorial or even post one on this site.  Good luck with your crafting adventures and we would love to see some of your completed work!

  3. hi there! such an amazing article, its a good thing i came across this beautiful piece through wealthy affiliate, going through this wasn’t a waste of time, thanks for taking time to share this amazing piece on epoxy resin and the factors to consider when buying one. thanks again for this. this was very helpful.

  4. Thanks for the educational post. I’m not an artist, but the information is great. I didn’t know that epoxy resins consist of two components – resin and hardener and that by mixing the two components it hardens to plastic. I’m wondering if it turns to high gloss clear surface?  Could I use this to paint a boat?

    1. Shalisha, absolutely! In fact, epoxy resin was initially formulated for use on boats. Total Boat brand epoxy resin was named for that use specifically, although they now make a great epoxy resin for art use.  With regard to your question on the surface of a resin piece, it depends.  Epoxy resin will naturally cure to a high gloss shine, almost glass like appearance.  However, you are attempting to make a rein casting, using a mold, the results vary.  For example, a resin piece cast in a mold with a matte surface, like the one found here, will cure with a flat matte surface the parts of your piece that were touching the mold during the curing process.  However, molds like these, produce high gloss resin castings.  So really it depends what final look you are going for. Here is an article that details this phenomenon more than I can in a comment: 

      Shiny vs Matte Silicone Molds – ArtResin

       Let  me know if you have any further questions.

  5. I used an Epoxy resin on a tray that I did a mosaic on and it has been really hardy over the years. Now I have painted a shelf that I use regularly, but I notice that the paint is starting to scratch off in certain places.

    Is it possible to use Epoxy resin on this large flat space, or would it be better to find a strong varnish rather? Also I remember the Epoxy resin was quite expensive for the little that I did need.

    1. Yes, it is absolutely possible to use epoxy resin on your shelf.  Epoxy resin will be more durable than a varnish, which is great for surfaces you use frequently.  Also, it produces a higher shine on the surface.  I have a video that will give you a bit of direction and recommend a brand you could use and you can find it by clicking here.  As far as expense, yes epoxy resin get a bit pricey.  However, you are able to buy half gallon versions now and they are well worth the cost.  Here is a link to an affordable epoxy resin you could use: Stone Coat Countertops Art Coat Epoxy Resin  (yes, I know this is an Art Resin. but it will work for your project.  Also, if you are just doing a top coat, the Stone Coat Countertops Ultimate Top Coat is another affordable option.  It is also my number one suggestion for the type of project you are talking about.  If  you have any left over, there are plenty of fun projects you could try on the site!  Good luck!

  6. My wife uses epoxy all the time and makes beautiful things with it from different molds for different people as kind of a side business. I think she would find lots of value in this im going to share this with her and I know she would really like this. You’ve done a great job explaining all the different things about epoxy this is very informative and educational and will be a great tool for lots of people. 
    all the best ,


    1. Thanks Jonathon.  Give your wife the site and tell her to send me a message!   I love connecting with other resin artists.  

  7. An interesting  article about something I’ve never thought of before. There were some interesting uses outlined here for the epoxy resin, namely the epoxy with wood, looked beautiful, the epoxy for lighting looked impressive and some of the paintings looked very good on the walls. For those with an artistic streak this should be an interesting avenue to follow.

    1. Thanks David. Yes, that epoxy on wood project is one of my faves as well!  I have recently been working with wood a lot more because it looks so beautiful with epoxy.  Adding lights to a wood and resin piece is one of my favorite techniques!  Thanks for stopping by. 

  8. Thank you for such valuable information!! There are so many options out there when it comes to purchasing Epoxy Resin for Art that my head was spinning. Your article on which epoxy resin to buy for each type of resin art projects is immensely helpful. I can not thank you enough. Also, love love love your artwork. I am saving up to purchase one of your larger items on your shop 🙂

  9. We are in the process of looking at resins to redo our tile countertops so your article is very timely.  We have read up on Stone Coat, but have not heard about the other resins you mentioned.  I am going to do some research on them particularly the Ice resin.  I have bookmarked your article so that, once we have made a decision, I can buy through the article.  By the way, the various things that go into choosing a resin, which you outlined in the article, we very helpful.

    1. So glad to hear the article was helpful.  For countertops, go with either Stone Coat Countertops or Leggari products.  Ice resin is great for jewelry and small projects, but I would not use it for countertops.  Good luck!

  10. Thank you for this timely advice, although i always put my cure time into consideration but i did not use to consider my working time and I have done some paintings and used epoxy resin. A very well agree with you on the pricing, even when I am on low budget, I still find affordable once form my project like MAS art pro . 

    1. Absolutely, working time is one of the most important factors.  Sometimes I will go for a resin with a shorter working time if I do not need to spend much time designing my piece.  I am often impatient so it is important I pick a resin with a working time fit for the project I am working on.  Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Thank you for sharing this article, it’ll be very helpful for a lot of people who are into art projects and they are looking out for what epoxy resin to buy, it is good to take time to read about what it takes to make that right decisions and how to know the quality ones from the bad. 

  12. Thank you for sharing all these here.  This is a great help what you have provided here, and in such great detail. This epoxy resin guide here is just massively helpful to me and it helps make sense out of a confusing choice when there are so many options out there. Truly, thanks. Thumbs up to you

  13. I’ve always loved seeing videos of how people use resin especially on furniture tables and now, art, just wow! It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to learn a bit about it, the silicon spoon part is very intriguing too as it makes standardization easier. But what caught my attention is the UV filter part to avoid the resin from turning yellow, do you think a high UV resistant resin can make it immune to those rays, or just slightly resistant to it and might eventually turn yellow with time?

    1. So glad you enjoyed the article!  If you like watching resin videos, check out the homepage.  We have tons of tutorials and project videos on there for your viewing pleasure. 🙂  With regard to your question whether there is an epoxy resin on the market immune from yellow discoloration over time, I would have to say unfortunately I have never come across one.  Even art grade epoxy resins that claim to have great UV filters will eventually yellow over time.  However, the length of time is significantly longer than other resins that do no include UV filters(inhibitors).  In my own personal experience, there are ways to prolong the clear life of epoxy resin.  For one, using a UV resistant clear coat to protect your piece will further prolong the clear state of the epoxy resin you choose to use.  Here is the brand I use: UV resistant clear coat. Also, if you color your epoxy resin with pretty much any color besides white, slight yellowing will be virtually unnoticeable as the piece ages.  Hope this helps and thanks for reading! 

  14. This is good, I mean to be able to learn about which of these epoxy resins are the best to buy and everything that concerns how to be able to make something out of the whole thing in general. I feel it will make a lot of sense if one tries to make money from something like this too, I mean as a business opportunity.

    1. I do epoxy resin art because I love it, even though I do sell some of my products.  Unfortunately, it is a pricey hobby so I do hope I can fund future projects through my blog.  If you purchase any of the epoxy resins I review, through the links on this site, I make a small percentage of the sale and your price stays the same.  Hopefully some will find this information useful enough to consider purchasing through my links.  It allows me to continue creating and teaching!

  15. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative tips before buying epoxy resin. Never really thought that I have to consider about the toxicity, but it makes sense. I want to do my little coaster art project and now I know exactly which one to get and I have to say that the price is reasonable too. Thanks again for the information! 

    1. Absolutely! If you want to watch a few tutorials before getting started, we have one on this site, Summer Resin Coasters.  There is also a great collection of the greatest epoxy resin coaster tutorials and process videos on the web on the Resin Minded website.  The article I am referring to is A Collection of Resin Coaster Videos.  Hope this helps and hope to see your project when you are done!  

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