In this video, I show you the process I use to make resin wine butler and coaster sets. I have experimented with a bunch of different epoxy resin when perfecting my resin coasters and resin wine butlers. Unfortunately, the first few brands I tried, (which are well known, high-quality brands,) such as ArtResin, Stone Coat Countertops, and Envirotex Lite, ended disastrously. Most of them would not get completely hard and I would end up with a wine butler that drooped on both sides. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of a wine butler when the wine glasses end up being supported by the table! Some of these first epoxy resin brands I tried took over thirty days to get even remotely hard enough to handle the weight of the wine glasses. Some yellowed, specifically the Envirotex Lite epoxy resin brand. I was finally able to find a brand that delivered on all the things I was looking for in the best epoxy resin for wine butlers and coasters.

Here are the qualities of an Epoxy Resin that works well for Resin Coasters and Resin Butlers:

Long Working Time

Crystal Clear

FDA Approved


Dried Rock Hard, Overnight

(For more detailed information on why these characteristics are important, visit

My number 1 recommendation is Incredible Solutions Table Top Epoxy Resin. You can purchase it here:

Incredible Solutions Tabletop Epoxy Resin

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Here are the rest of the products I use to make my Resin Wine Butlers and Coasters:

Wine Butler and Coaster Molds

Pigment Powders

Here is an article discussing why Meyspring Pigment Powders are my top recommendation:

Acrylic Paint

Alcohol Ink

Silicone Oil

Gold leafing pen

Small Dixie Cups

Silicone Stir Sticks and measuring cups

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