Who, in the world, is Craftelot Resin Co.?

Hello, my name is Ashley. I am the founder, artist, content creator, and more, of Craftelot Resin Co.  Yes, I wear a  lot of hats here, but like thousands of other small business owners, I absolutely LOVE what I do.  Creating and teaching others Resin art is not my full time occupation, but it is definitely one of my passions.  If you have found Craftelot Resin Co. and used one of our art tutorials, taken one of our recommendations or bought some of our artwork, I have succeeded in what I set out to accomplish with this business.  Proceeds from artwork and resin art classes or workshops go right back into the business and allow me to keep creating art and content.  So, thank you for your support.  My blog posts recommending products are not sponsored, however, I try to include affiliate links to said products.  This means, when you use my Amazon links, I get a tiny commission on the products you choose to purchase, and here is the best part….at NO COST to you!

Local Resin Artist- Scottsdale, AZ

I am based in Scottsdale, AZ but ship anywhere. Please try to support your local businesses whenever possible.  I also do resin countertops in the Scottsdale and Greater Phoenix area.  See Epoxy Resin Countertops for more information.  I also teach Resin Art Workshops, both in person and online.  Contact us if you would like to schedule a resin art workshop online or in person.  They are so much fun and a great way to celebrate gatherings like bachelorette parties or birthday parties.  Some even just schedule a workshop as a way to spend some time bonding with friends!

What Makes a Good Resin Artist?

Talented resin artists can predict, to a certain extent, which unique reaction will take place between their chosen pigments, when mixed together with resin.  In a way, a seasoned resin artist can control which effects will show up in the final resin art piece. 

However, and this is a big HOWEVER, there are no concrete laws in resin art. 

Resin art effects are always unpredictable, no matter what. A strong understanding of pigment density, resin viscosity, color theory, and chemical additives gives a resin artist a strong foundation.  The final piece of the puzzle is sheer creativity.  You either have it or you have not discovered it within yourself yet.  My road to finding creativity within myself was a rough one.  If you are interested, check out my article Art Therapy and Addiction, an article I wrote chronicling how resin crafting became a positive force in my recovery journey.

Why Resin Art?

I started Craftelot Resin Co. to share my many crafting adventures with the world and sell my artwork, all of which is near and dear to my heart. Crafting is my meditation, my passion, and helps keep me out of trouble! Epoxy resin is my medium of choice, mostly because it provides endless possibilities. Beauty can be found in anything if the artist is passionate about the project. 

Self-Taught Resin Artist

I am a self-taught resin artist.  I did not go to school to earn an art degree.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a ton of respect for artists that studied their craft in a formal setting. I decided on law school instead. (Studying for the bar exam currently, slowly but surely!)

Anyway, I fail to see how textbooks and essays (aside from creative writing, obviously, which I did take in undergrad) help mold a person into an ‘artist.’  If anything, an art history textbook is most useful for reinforcing the decision of students who major in art that they have chosen the correct career.  After graduation, the information attained from that textbook may be useful at a few cocktail parties…during awkward silences, maybe? BUT, aside from that…yeah, I can not think of single thing in that textbook that would be useful or guide a student to develop her individual artistic abilities. 

All successful artists develop their own style, have their own inspirations, draw from individual life experiences, and create new, innovative methods.  In my opinion, these qualities are only attained through creating! 

What I am trying to say is you do not need to go to school for art to be an artist.  You need to make art to become an artist. Plus, techniques like resin art are not taught in schools.  You really can learn everything you need to know from other resin artists.  Once I learned the resin art basics, my passion was ignited and I was fired up to create my own methods.  (See my original resin art technique, Resin Cupping Tutorial) A truly self-taught resin artist, this is what I did:

I created a resin piece, fell in love with the process, and continued creating resin art. 

If I have not ended my day with an alcohol ink, paint, or other type of pigment stain on my body or clothes, something is off. 

I  frequently soak epoxy resin out of my hair, (very difficult!) because I get so intensely focused on the art piece in front of me,  that I bend over to get close and, there goes the hair! 

Why am i telling you all this about my resin art process?

I think about it like this:

Would you trust a mechanic with clean fingernails to fix your car’s engine troubles?

How about a toothless dentist working on your teeth? 

Nah, I did not think so!  You should employ this same logic when choosing which resin artist to order a resin art piece from.

I love receiving custom resin art orders! I am your local Scottsdale resin artist willing to get messy in the quest to achieve something gorgeous for you to display in your home or office. 

I am the custom resin artist who demolds her resin pieces before making it to the breakfast table!

I am passionate about resin art and, as a result, excited to see how my pieces turned out!  (Yes, this might sound a bit overboard, but don’t judge me!

Remember, would you hire an exterminator with an intense phobia of spiders? No thanks!

I’ll take the weird guy that goes a bit overboard taking tarantulas he finds at work home as pets. (True story!)

Thank you for reading a bit about me as a Resin Artist. It means the world to me.

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  1. Hello Ashley,

    I am just here as resulting of researching about resin art. I can now recognize that Craftelot’s resin crafts are created from the best materials and with the best craftsmanship. It manufactures and sells high-quality resin crafts.

    I felt lucky that my orders will be as high quality as it should. I’m happy that you are making ship anywhere. I really enjoyed the ordering experience from CRAFTELOT RESIN CO.

    Have great day

    1. Safia-  Thank you so much for your order and we are so happy you found the process convenient.  

      We are looking forward to having you as a continued customer and can not wait to see how you like your first painting!

      Thanks again, 


      Craftelot Resin Co. Founder and Artist

  2. If you are new to this website and looking for an artist to make a custom resin art piece for your home, look no further.

    Aside from an intriguing backstory, Ashley has a rare talent to create stunning resin art. She recently created a custom geode for my Scottsdale home and I am smitten with it. I have received a compliment on it from every person I have had in my home since hanging it.

    Trust me, visit her Contact page and shoot her a message.

    By far, the best resin artist to buy resin art from in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. I believe she also ships her work, so anywhere really! If you are located within a reasonable distance from her Arizona studio, she will even bring the resin art you purchase right to your front door if you’d like.

    Thanks so much Craftelot Resin Co.
    I will be ordering my second piece very soon.

  3. Hello Ashley, thanks so much for sharing more about you so we, your readers can know more about you, your resin work is amazing, and it’s good to have a website where I can read more about this and learn something about how to do it, as everytime I see a picture of some resin art on the internet, makes me wonder how difficult it should be to learn to do it. As a self-taught textile artits, I love to see different ways to make art and I cant not say enough about resin art, artists who make it are amazing! 

    1. Textile art, how cool! I would love to see some of your work. If you feel comfortable, please share the link to your site if you have one.  Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to hear from you again!

  4. Resin art is definitely something that I would like to explore further, as I love the creations that you show on this website and would love to have some of that type of artwork hanging in my house.

    However I am a bit nervous to go start out on my own, and I am currently looking for a class to attend that does this, but it is not proving easy in the small town that I stay in.

    I will definitely keep following this website to see what other tips I can pick up along the way.

    1. Michel- I actually do workshops online.  You are welcome to schedule something with me over Zoom.  If you have some friends that also want to learn, we can put a workshop together.  I started doing this during Covid, so remote classes are not a problem at all.. For more information, check out Resin Art Workshops. Thanks for stopping by,., 

  5. Hey there! Nice website you’ve got, your passion truly shows through the cracks!

    I’d like to let you know that you currently don’t allow users to naturally leave comments on your About Us page. I’m presuming you’ve set it as a page and not a post. I’d recommend setting articles as posts for the ones you’d like to have comments under.

    This comment by me would technically not go anywhere – so you can delete it. Just letting you know something you might want to be aware of!


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