Resin Art Workshops

Interested in learning how to create your very own epoxy resin artwork? From resin coasters, paintings, and sculptures to resin jewelry, cutting boards, and castings, epoxy resin is one of the most versatile art mediums in the world. Many people get discouraged their first time working with epoxy resin because there is a steep learning curve. From picking out which epoxy resin is best for your specific project to learning what mediums work best with each type of epoxy resin, the options are endless. However, this means potential mistakes are also numerous. Why not learn from someone who has already made all the beginner mistakes for you!

Resin Art Workshop

Instructor: Ashley


Ashley is an experienced epoxy resin artist, having created hundreds of different projects using epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is Ashley’s preferred artwork medium, making her a great teacher for students interested in making their own epoxy resin art creations! (If you are looking to purchase Ashley’s epoxy resin art for your home or as a gift, instead of creating your own, feel free to contact Craftelot Resin Co. For custom orders, email To check out Ashley’s online resin art store, visit Craftelot Resin Co. online store.


To get an idea of Ashley’s art process, taught in the beginner’s resin art workshop, check out Ashley’s YouTube channel: Craftelot Resin Co. on YouTube

Lengths of workshops vary depending on your needs. Ashley offers private workshops, as well as group workshops. Many clients are pleased to discover a number of their friends have also been interested in learning how to create epoxy resin art. If you have a group of friends interested, group classes can be a lot of fun! Epoxy resin art workshops are a fun way for you and your friends to celebrate birthdays, bachelorette (or bachelor!) parties, graduations, holidays and much more! Epoxy resin projects ideas are unlimited and can be themed toward whatever you are celebrating.

Where are the Resin Art Workshops Located?

In-person, In-State Resin Art Workshops

Arizona Resin Art Workshops

Ashley hold resin art workshops in Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding areas, including Phoenix, Fountain Hills, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Ahwatukee, Peoria and more. (A travel fee is included in cost if the location is over 15 miles from Scottsdale, AZ.)

All in-person resin art workshops are held at the clients’ house. Worried about space inside your house? Remember, epoxy resin art projects can be created in garages, art rooms, workshops, and even backyard patios! Some clients have rented out their apartment clubhouses for the day and the space worked perfectly!

In-Person Out-of-State Resin Art Workshops

Although out-of-state, in-person resin art workshops are available, clients are responsible for paying the instructors travel costs.

Please email with requests to schedule an out-of-state, in-person resin art workshop.  Be sure to include the amount of clients interested in the workshop, your location, and what your group is in interested in learning to create. (Minimum registration amounts apply for out-of-state resin art workshops.)

Many clients will choose to do an online workshop if they are located outside of Arizona or the greater Phoenix area. (see below)

Online Resin Art Workshops

Online resin art workshops are available. These workshops are offered as individual sessions or group sessions. Online workshops are a great option for those in quarantine or who live outside the state of Arizona. These online resin art workshops can be held in a variety of different formats.

Here are some examples:

Individual online workshops: Individual workshops provide the most individualized instruction, as the instructor can focus all their attention on you!  In this format we will use an online video chatting program, such as Skype or Zoom.

Group online workshops: In this resin art workshop format, individuals in the class can choose to be in the same location or each client can sign in to the video workshop from their own individual location. In each situation, all classmates can communicate with other classmates, as well as the instructor. To avoid travel costs, (if you live out-of-state) have your friends over, set up a screen, and Ashley will run a virtual workshop for all of you! Online resin art workshops are incredibly flexible and accomodating. 

 Email with questions or to schedule your online resin art workshop.

What do I need to Purchase for my Resin Art Workshop?

Depending on length of workshop scheduled, you may or may not have the option of creating more than one resin art creation.  Below, we have included some resin art project examples.  Each of these examples can be taught in a workshop format.  After scheduling your workshop, you will choose which project you would like to create.  (If you want to learn how to do a resin art project that has not been included below, just ask!)  The projects included below are meant to get your creativity flowing.  After choosing the project(s) for your resin art workshop, you will be send a supply list with links to purchase the supplies needed for your particular projects.  

What Resin Art will we Learn in the Resin Art Workshop?

The options are literally endless, so don’t feel shy to request something that is not on the following list.  However, these projects are great beginner’s projects and each of them are very fun to make!  

Resin Coasters

Resin Keychains

Resin Cutting Boards

Resin Wine Butlers

Resin Chargers

Resin Serving Trays

Resin Wall Art/ Resin Paintings

Resin Jewelry

Freeform Resin Serving Trays

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