This orgone grinder is 3 inches in diameter with smooth round edges. One side is adorned with a tree of life symbol. The metal cast into the grinder is an aluminum metal and the crystals are quarts and garnet. I have also added some white round stones and colored the resin whit vibrant white, red, and gold pigments. This product has all the properties of a powerful orgone device, as well as the utility of a grinder. Orgone energy devices help protect from emf radiation. EMF, or electromagnetic frequencies, are emitted from cell phones, WiFi towers, 5G-related technologies, and tons of other everyday items we would not think twice about having in our homes. Some of these items are in our bedrooms, or worse our children’s bedrooms, silently emitting invisible frequencies that have the potential to harm us. In small amounts, these frequencies may not be excessively harmful, but cumulatively, we have seen adverse effects. As we continue to add more and more technologies into our daily lives, keeping most of them very close to our bodies at all times, we become willing guinea pigs in an experiment testing the boundaries of how much the human bodies is able to handle. These frequencies may cause some cancers, speed up aging, contribute to poor mental health, and prevent healing. Wilhelm Reich, a controversial scientist, discovered the Orgone device. An orgone is a device made from a specific ratio of metal, resin, and crystal, just like our orgone grinders. Reich claimed that orgone devices had the power to complete a cleansing energy cycle. Here is a short synopsis of how an orgone works: 1. Orgone pulls energy from the surrounding area 2. Orgone filters out the negative energy(by way of the metals) while enhancing the positive energy( through crystals) 3. Orgone pushed out positive life force energy. (specifically through the small pyramid tips of our grinders) SOME OF THE BENEFITS ARE: * Promotes Physical and Spiritual Health *Promotes Better Sleep * Protects from EMF radiation * Improves Relationships *Clears the mind, helps to resolve issues of conflict in ones psyche * Helps Plants/Trees Grow * Turns Negative Energy into Positive Energy * Purifies the Atmosphere * Promotes Balance * Enhances the Aura or Personal Energy Field WHY ORGONITE GRINDER? When you do the grinding motion with your hands, you gather energy inside your palms, essentially making an energy ball. Don’t believe me? Try it without a grinder. Just use your hands, doing the motion, and focus on how energy is increasing within the palms of your hands. The Orgone Grinder easily collects this energy and through the spikes (which are basically tiny pyramids), blasts it through the herb as it’s being ground down. The longer the herb stays in the grinder, the more powerful the effect will be, so store your herb in the grinder until you’re ready to use it. Crystals are Piezoelectric, which means they create an electric current when under pressure, like when being encased in resin, which is also tuned to the 528 Hz healing Miracle Tone. Even without the piezoelectric effect, different crystals offer their own unique qualities which contribute to clearing negativities from your body and soul, as well as the atmosphere around you. Each orgone grinder will come a description of it’s crystals unique properties. If you are curious which crystal would be best for your unique life situation, please feel free to message me at It is good to note that this grinder works like any other Orgonite and will clean the energy in your space and move stuck energies! Disclaimer: This grinder is made from epoxy resin. Although I use the hardest resin available in an FDA approved grade, the grinder cannot withstand the same pressure as a metal grinder. Be gentle and your grinder should last a very long time!