PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island with Drop Leaf-Craft Table for Epoxy Resin Artists

Discover the perfect craft table for epoxy resin artists in our review of the PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island with Drop Leaf. Learn about its features, durability, and storage capacity.

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PHI VILLA Rolling Craft Table with Storage and Drop Leaf

Feature Rating
Appearance ★★★★★
Quality ★★★★★
Storage Solutions ★★★★★
Maneuverability ★★★★★
Affordability ★★★★☆
PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island with Drop Leaf dimensions

Epoxy resin artistry requires more than just creativity; it demands a functional and versatile workspace to bring ideas to life. Whether you’re a seasoned artisan or a budding enthusiast, investing in the right crafting table can elevate your crafting experience. Here’s what to consider when choosing a crafting table tailored for epoxy resin artists:

Features to Look for in a Quality Craft Table for Epoxy Resin Artists

Sturdy Construction

Look for a crafting table made from durable materials like rubberwood and engineered wood. A sturdy tabletop ensures stability and support for delicate resin projects.

Ample Storage

Crafting often involves a plethora of supplies, from pigments and molds to tools and brushes. Opt for a table with ample storage solutions to keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

Expandable Workspace

Epoxy resin projects come in various sizes, requiring flexibility in workspace dimensions. A crafting table with a drop leaf offers the versatility needed to accommodate larger projects without compromising on space when not in use.

Affordability and Value

Despite its high-quality construction and versatile features, the YITAHOME XL Outdoor Table remains affordable for epoxy resin artists on a budget. Compared to other craft carts on the market, this table offers exceptional value for money. Whether you’re a seasoned resin artist or just starting out, investing in a quality workspace like the YITAHOME XL Outdoor Table can take your crafting to the next level.

In conclusion, the YITAHOME XL Outdoor Table is a must-have for epoxy resin artists looking to elevate their crafting experience. With its durable construction, versatile features, and affordable price point, this craft cart ticks all the boxes for resin enthusiasts. Upgrade your workspace today and unleash your creativity with the YITAHOME XL Outdoor Table.


Many epoxy resin crafters have limited space to work on their project in. In this instance, it is crucial to have a craft table that is easily moved to the sside or multifunctional. Opt for tables on wheels or tables that can be used for other activities within your home as well. Another option is to look for craft tables with drop leaves that expand your craft table when needed or even tables that fold up completely. 


A mobile crafting table allows you to adapt your workspace to changing needs or environments. Smooth-rolling wheels ensure effortless maneuverability, ideal for artists seeking flexibility in their creative process

Why Choose the PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island with Drop Leaf for your Resin Art Craft Room?

Creating stunning epoxy resin art requires not just skill and creativity but also the right workspace. The PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island is a versatile piece of furniture that offers a myriad of features tailored to the needs of epoxy resin artists, whether they are beginners or seasoned professionals. Now, let’s delve into the features of the PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island and how it caters to the unique needs of epoxy resin artists:


The dimensions of the PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island are carefully designed to provide ample space for your resin art projects. With a tabletop width of 17 inches (without the leaf extended), and an impressive 29.5 inches with the leaf extended, you’ll have plenty of room to work on various-sized projects. Additionally, the island measures 53.5 inches in width, 17.7 inches in depth (with the leaf down), and 36.5 inches in height. These dimensions ensure that the island fits comfortably in your studio space while still offering generous workspace for your creative pursuits.

Expandable Workspace:

One of the standout features of this kitchen island is its drop leaf design, which allows for easy expansion of the workspace. Need extra room to spread out your materials or need space to work on larger resin painting? Or maybe you are a resin artist that has multiple projects going on at one time. No matter what type of resin artists you are, having more space is key. Simply extend the leaf to create additional space. When not in use, the leaf can be folded down, making it a versatile solution for smaller studio spaces. This flexibility ensures that your workspace adapts to your needs, allowing you to focus on your artistry without limitations.

PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island with Drop Leaf drop leaf Copy

Abundant Storage:

Organization is key for any resin artist, and the PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island offers ample storage solutions to keep your studio tidy and efficient. The island is equipped with three easy-glide drawers, providing convenient storage for tools, molds, and other supplies. Additionally, the built-in towel holder and spice rack offer quick access to frequently used items. The concealed storage cabinet with double door design offers even more space to store larger items, while keeping them out of sight for a clutter-free workspace. With everything neatly organized and within reach, you can streamline your creative process and focus on bringing your artistic visions to life.

PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island with Drop Leaf for resin art storage

Variety of Colors:

Personalizing your studio space is essential for creating an environment that inspires creativity. The PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island is available in a variety of colors, including black and oak, white and oak, and grey and oak. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern aesthetic or a more classic look, you can choose a color scheme that complements your studio decor and reflects your personal style. This customization allows you to create a workspace that feels uniquely yours, fostering a sense of ownership and creativity.

PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island with Drop Leaf for resin artists white and oak
PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island with Drop Leaf black and oak
PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island with Drop Leaf grey and oak


Despite its sturdy construction, the PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island is designed for easy mobility. Equipped with four smooth-rolling wheels, including two locking brakes casters, you can effortlessly move the island around your studio to optimize workflow or rearrange your space as needed. The table’s wheels swivel 360 degrees, making very easy to move around. Whether you’re repositioning the island to catch the best natural light or creating a collaborative workspace with fellow artists, the mobility of this kitchen island ensures that you can adapt your studio layout to suit your creative process.

PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island with Drop Leaf wheels

Conclusion: Elevate Your Epoxy Resin Crafting Experience

In conclusion, the PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island offers a perfect blend of functionality, versatility, and style, making it an indispensable addition to any epoxy resin artist’s studio. With its spacious tabletop, expandable workspace, abundant storage options, customizable color choices, and easy maneuverability, this kitchen island provides everything you need to unleash your creativity and elevate your resin artistry to new heights.


The Good and the Bad

Real Amazon Reviews of PHI VILLA Rolling Kitchen Island with Drop Leaf

Remember, I am recommending you adapt this kitrchen island for use as a crafting table. So, the reviews are form people who have used it in their kitchens. Here are some real Amazon reviews frompurchasers of this item. 


Works great! My friends loved it too. Looks great and easy to move around. Hoooowever, hear the negatives so you decide if it’s worth the work assembling.

– Taz


I’ve had this for a couple months now and it’s done exactly what I wanted it to do. We got rid of our old table that we didn’t use and replaced it with this so we could get extra counter/cooking space and it’s been great so far. It was pretty easy to build, the video guide was pretty clear and I put it together by myself in maybe 2.5 hours roughly. Everything fits together well, the drawers operate smoothly. I left off the front doors and keep the below area open as that’s where I store my kitchen appliances like my food processor, coffee maker, and other bigger items. The paper towel holder is super convenient, it stays on without any issue but it’s also easy to remove to replace. The drawers are nice and deep with plenty of space. The material and build quality is all just fine. It’s definitely not fancy or high end materials, but so far it’s been sturdy and I’m not concerned it’s going to fall apart. I’m also a big fan of having everything on wheels, I recently dropped a glass container that shattered and it was nice to be able to wheel it around as I swept under and around it. Overall it’s an excellent value for the price and does everything I could want from it.

– Michael Chaloupka


Looks great! My friends loved it too. Looks great and easy to move around. Hoooowever, hear the negatives so you decide if it’s worth the work assembling.

– Miranda


The kitchen island was pretty easy to put together. It took some time by myself but the instructions were easy to follow too. The island itself feels pretty solid. I’m pleased how it looks and moves around on wheels.



Love it! We needed extra storage in the kitchen. It’s what we have been waiting for that space. It was simple enough to put together. This piece was very sturdy and beautiful once assembly. It has plenty of storage space while aslo maintaining a shallow enough depth to stay out of the way. Great storage capacity! Love this piece. this looks perfect in the kitchen!

– Wen G.


Have purchased 2. First one is amazing! Not “easy” to put together, requires 2 people to do it right, but very straightforward. Definitely good sized, bigger than I had thought but perfect for small kitchens or for open style multi purpose apartments. Gives a versatile amount of extra counter space and the drawers are respectfully sized. The cabinet doors require a little more finesse to adjust but if you read how to adjust the hinges you’ll be able to make them fit perfectly and level once you’ve gotten them attached. Good product! Second one the box came damaged with visibley gouged countertop so will be returning it, hopefully for a replacement. Addendum: Phi Villa refunded the second one completely without hassel and was very quick to respond to any messages that I had sent regarding the purchase. I very much respect the company for its customer service and appreciate the care shown in solving the issue. Very highly recommend.

– James Kimble


I have a small kitchen and I need more storage space for food and drink. I purchased it one month ago and am satisfied so far. The wood quality is good, and I like the color and style. It has wheels that can be locked. That is a bonus for me. The inner space is large, and it also has extra space at the sides. I will place tools and towels on it. The extending cooking space is nice but I will keep it dropping off to save space most of the time. But for assembling it took me 3 hours with hard work, not 2 hours as instruction shows. That will be perfect if it can be assembly easier.

– Wenjun


This was a nightmare to put together. Instructions said 1 hour for 2 people; it took us 5 hours total, and one of us is fairly handy. The issues are: – instructions are horrible – the parts for assembly are so low quality. The dowels are a joke, there’s not a single dowel that fits snugly in its place. The worst part is after all of that, I now want to return it because the piece doesn’t look high quality. It has scraped paint from the manufacturer. I originally thought I could wipe the white mark off (see pic) but now I’m realizing I can’t. What a nightmare of a product. My boyfriend and I just moved in together and assembling this brought us closer to a breakup than ever before. Don’t buy


Yes, the varnished rubberwood drop leaf tabletop is robust, suitable for various crafting activities. However, to preserve the wood top, I suggest covering with contact paper each time you start a new project. Silicone mats also work well and are easy to clean!

Absolutely. The cabinet offers ample space for organizing and storing various crafting essentials, including you large epoxy resin and hardener bottles.

Assembly may take time, but the instructions are straightforward, ensuring a satisfactory outcome.

Yes, thanks to its smooth-rolling wheels, the crafting table is effortless to maneuver, adapting to different workspace configurations.

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