Ultimate Guide to Organizing Resin Supplies: Broview Storage Bins

Discover how Broview storage bins revolutionize resin art organization. Learn storage tips, benefits, and more in this comprehensive guide for resin artists.

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Resin art is a captivating craft that requires precision, creativity, and above all, organization. Whether you’re a seasoned resin artist or just starting out, having a well-organized workspace can significantly enhance your crafting experience. In this guide, we’ll explore how Broview storage bins can transform your resin art storage setup, offering practical solutions to keep your supplies neat, accessible, and protected.

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Why Choose Broview Storage Bins for Resin Supplies?

Resin artists deal with a variety of materials and tools, from resin itself to pigments, molds, mixing tools, and more. Here’s why Broview storage bins are ideal for organizing these essentials:

Durable and Spacious

Broview storage bins are crafted from high-grade polypropylene, ensuring durability and longevity. Designed to withstand the rigors of resin art, these bins provide a robust storage solution for your materials. Their spacious interiors can accommodate resin containers, molds of various sizes, mixing tools, safety equipment, and even finished artworks, all while maintaining structural integrity.

Stackable and Space-Saving Design

One of the standout features of Broview bins is their stackable design, which optimizes vertical space in your studio or workspace. Whether you have a compact corner or a dedicated resin art studio, stacking Broview bins allows you to create a customized storage system tailored to your specific needs. This space-saving solution not only reduces clutter but also enhances accessibility to your resin supplies.

Easy Accessibility and Mobility

Equipped with lockable doors and optional swivel wheels, Broview storage bins offer unparalleled convenience. The lockable doors ensure that your resin supplies remain secure yet easily accessible, while the swivel wheels allow for effortless mobility around your workspace. This feature is particularly beneficial during resin pouring and curing processes, as you can move bins closer to your work area as needed.

Versatile Storage Solutions

From resin pigments and molds to tools and safety gear, Broview bins provide versatile storage solutions for every stage of the resin art process. Whether you’re organizing raw materials or storing finished artworks, these bins offer the flexibility to adapt to your evolving crafting needs. Their modular design allows you to mix and match different bin sizes and configurations to create a storage setup that maximizes efficiency and minimizes workspace clutter.

Customizing Your Craft Room with Broview Storage Bins

Style your Craft Room The Way You want

Broview understands that every resin artist has unique preferences when it comes to organizing their craft supplies and styling their workspace. That’s why they offer a variety of styles, colors, and sizes in their storage bins, allowing you to personalize your craft room according to your vision.

Variety of Styles and Colors

Broview storage bins come in different styles, each tailored to meet various storage needs. Whether you prefer bins with lockable doors for added security or ones with transparent windows for easy visibility of contents, there’s a style that fits your specific requirements. The range of colors available, such as classic black, sleek white, and even combinations like white with brown accents, ensures that you can match your bins to your existing decor or create a cohesive color scheme in your craft room.

Versatile Sizes for Every Requirement

From smaller 28-gallon bins ideal for organizing pigments, molds, and smaller tools to larger 112-gallon bins perfect for storing finished artworks or bulky supplies, Broview offers sizes that cater to every aspect of resin artistry. This versatility allows you to choose bins based on the volume and types of materials you work with most, ensuring efficient storage and easy access to your essentials.

Creating Your Ideal Workspace

By mixing and matching different styles, colors, and sizes of Broview storage bins, resin artists can create a personalized and functional workspace. Whether you prefer a minimalist setup with uniform bins neatly stacked along a wall or a more eclectic arrangement with bins of varying sizes and colors scattered throughout your studio, Broview bins provide the flexibility to organize your craft room exactly how you envision it.

Enhancing Organization and Aesthetics

Beyond functionality, the aesthetic appeal of Broview storage bins enhances the overall look of your craft room. The sleek, modern designs complement any decor style, while the durable construction ensures that your supplies are safely stored and readily accessible. Whether you’re aiming for a professional studio vibe or a cozy creative corner, Broview storage bins contribute to a well-organized and inspiring workspace.

Here are a few options for different styles you can choose from:

75 Gallon Storage Bins in Green

green broview 75 gallon

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75 Gallon Storage Bins in White

white and yellow broview bins 75 gall

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90 Gallon Storage Bins in White

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234 Qt Storage Bins in Teal

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100 Gallon Storage Bins in Black

black 100 gallon broview storage bins

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150 Gallon Storage Bins in Yellow

150 Gallon Storage Bins in Yellow

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How to Organize Resin Supplies with Broview Storage Bins

Organizing resin supplies effectively is key to maintaining a productive and inspiring resin art studio. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to organize your resin supplies using Broview storage bins:

Step 1: Assess Your Storage Needs

Begin by conducting a thorough inventory of your resin supplies. Take note of the types of resins, pigments, molds, tools, and safety equipment you have on hand. This assessment will help you determine the number and size of Broview bins needed to accommodate your collection.

Step 2: Sort and Categorize Supplies

Once you’ve assessed your inventory, categorize your resin supplies into logical groups. Common categories may include different types of resins, color pigments, various sizes of molds, mixing tools, and safety gear. Sorting your supplies into categories will make it easier to decide how to distribute them among your Broview bins.

Step 3: Utilize the Stackable Design

Take advantage of Broview bins’ stackable design to maximize vertical storage space. Stack bins of similar categories on top of each other, starting with the most frequently used items at the top for easy access. Consider placing bins with less frequently used supplies at the bottom of your stack to optimize accessibility.

Step 4: Label and Organize Effectively

Label each Broview bin clearly and prominently to identify its contents at a glance. Use waterproof labels or label holders for durability, especially if your studio environment involves frequent contact with resin and other crafting materials. Organize bins so that related items are stored together, streamlining your resin art workflow and reducing the time spent searching for specific supplies.

Step 5: Optimize Space and Accessibility

Strategically position your Broview bins within your resin art studio for maximum efficiency. Place bins containing frequently used supplies within easy reach of your primary workspace. If space allows, consider using wheeled bins that can be easily moved around as needed, enhancing flexibility during resin art projects.

Extended Benefits of Broview Storage Bins for Resin Art

Beyond their core features, Broview storage bins offer additional benefits that cater specifically to the needs of resin artists:

Weather Resistance

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor resin art studios, Broview bins are designed to withstand varying temperatures and humidity levels, ensuring the longevity of your resin supplies.


As your resin art collection grows, so too can your storage capacity. Broview bins allow for easy expansion by adding additional bins or reconfiguring your existing setup to accommodate new materials.

Modular Design

Mix and match different sizes and types of Broview bins to create a personalized storage solution that fits your studio layout perfectly. Whether you need compact storage for small tools or large bins for oversized molds, Broview offers versatility to meet your specific storage needs.


From unboxing to stacking, the stop motion format of the following video captures every detail of the assembly process, highlighting the simplicity and efficiency of Broview bins. Whether you’re new to resin art or looking to optimize your studio space, this video is a must-watch to see how Broview storage bins can transform your organization and workflow. Join us as we explore the ease and functionality of these bins through the magic of stop motion animation! I have also included a video of how the bins look filled with my resin molds! Be sure to stay tuned for a video of how I used these bins to construct a mobile craft table!

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FAQs About Broview Storage Bins for Resin Artists

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Can Broview storage bins accommodate large resin molds?

Yes, Broview bins come in various sizes, including large capacities suitable for storing resin molds of different sizes.

Are Broview bins easy to assemble?

Yes, assembling Broview storage bins is straightforward and requires no special tools, making setup quick and hassle-free.


Do Broview bins come with locking mechanisms?

Yes, Broview bins feature lockable doors to secure your resin supplies while keeping them easily accessible

Can Broview bins be used for storing finished resin artworks?

Absolutely! Broview bins are versatile enough to store both raw materials and finished resin pieces, keeping them safe and organized.


What sizes do Broview bins come in, and which is best for resin art supplies?

Broview bins come in various sizes, including 28 Gallon, 84 Gallon, and 112 Gallon capacities. For resin art supplies, choose a size based on the volume and types of materials you regularly use.

Do Broview bins come with warranty protection?

Yes, Broview offers warranty coverage on their storage bins, ensuring peace of mind for resin artists regarding product quality and durability.


Invest in Broview storage bins today and elevate your resin art studio to new levels of organization and efficiency. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional resin artist, these bins offer the durability, versatility, and convenience needed to support your creative endeavors. Transform your resin art storage with Broview and experience the difference firsthand!

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