Realistic Ocean Resin Painting For Sale

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Ocean Resin Painting For Sale

This painting is an original, unique painting that will bring a spark of life to your home or office. The item is two pieces, both 2ft. by 2ft, and they look gorgeous mounted next to each other on a wall. This piece is perfect for a beach house or any room highlighting a nautical décor.

The ocean resin painting is 100% handmade. Each resin painting is fully made by me. I use only high-quality resin and pigments, which guarantees a long product life. In this painting, I use real sand for the beach portion of the resin painting, which makes the artwork more realistic and spectacular.

The mediums I use, all of the highest quality, to create the waves and foam on the beach, result in a very realistic beach scene. Not only does this piece give the feel of standing on a real beach, touching the artwork will bring memories of your favorite beach pastimes.

The ocean resin painting is not framed, which aids in the effect of water flowing endlessly. Although, if you decide to frame the resin paintings, it will still look fabulous. The epoxy gives the piece a glossy surface, just like water, and I have added a special pigment to the water, which gives the piece that marvelous shimmer our coastal waters are so well-known for.

Here are some pictures showing off the natural shimmer of the water that you see while standing on a beach, incase you have no idea what I am referring to.

ocean resin painting

ocean resin painting