Green Geode Resin Painting For Sale


Green Geode Painting For Sale

Colors: Green, Brown, Gold, Bronze, White, Cream

Size:  Left Geode 2ft. by 2ft. (Irregular shape)

Right Geode 2ft. by 2ft. (Irregular Shape)

Middle Piece: 6inches or so (Irregular Shape)




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Green Geode Resin Painting For Sale

This gold and green painting for sale is a beautiful, one of a kind, piece. This painting resembles an emerald or malachite rock formation.  The colors blend together naturally and do not look choppy like many other similar products on the market. The colors, multiple shades of green, gold, white, and brown, are all created with the highest quality, most vibrant epoxy mediums. The pictures do not do this resin geode justice, and it is truly majestic looking when displayed on a wall with a bit of light reflection. This geode resin painting is set on half inch thick MDF board and is three separate canvases, allowing for multiple different display options. (see pictures for design ideas)

The two largest pieces are the two halves of the geode. The third, smaller piece, is the centerpiece of the geode which has real crystals secured in resin.


If all pieces are put next to each other, with non gaps in between the canvases, the size is 2 ft. by 4 ft. However, if you display the pieces as seen in the images, total space needed is about 4.5 ft.- 5 ft. by 2.25 ft. -2.5 ft.

Resin art pieces like these are very heavy and I must ship them carefully. I have made multiple shipping options available for your convenience.

I am always available to talk about creating custom pieces for clients. Please email me at

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 in