Resin Cupping Technique Creates Amazing Effects

New Resin Art Technique: Resin Cupping

Resin Cupping Full Tutorial


This piece, titled RESIN GLAM, uses multiple Resin art techniques, including, but not limited to:

  • The SWIPE (not sure who created this one)
  • The BLOOM technique (originally done in acrylic pours and taught by Sheele Art. However, my personal inspiration to try this with resin came from Moonkusser Art’s video.

What the Heck is Resin Cupping?!

Resin cupping, as shown in the video, involves using silicone cups to create a barrier on top of the canvas. The resin is poured over the cups in various quantities and left for varying amounts of times before cups are removed. The results are awesome.

Materials used in this piece:

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Quick Shoutout to some Amazing Resin Artists

I am relatively new to the Resin Art world, and brand new to the YOUTUBE Resin Art community, but I have been inspired by MANY wonderful resin artists on YouTube.

Quick shoutout to some of these wonderfully talented artists:

To each and every one of you: Thank you and I hope you know how inspirational you truly are!