Apricot Serving Tray and Coaster Set


What: Apricot Serving Tray and Coaster Set

Colors: Dark Green, Deep Yellow, White, Brown and Gold embellishments

Materials: Epoxy Resin (Non-toxic for incidental food contact), Acrylic Inks, Resin Dye, Beads, Glitter Glass


Serving Tray: Approximately 13in tall (from stem to bottom) by 8.5 in wide (at the widest part of the fruit shape)

Coasters: Each coaster is approximately 4in tall (from stem to bottom) by 5in wide (at the widest part, the base of the fruit shape)




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This gorgeous tray and coaster set is shaped like apricots.

The tray and coaster set is great for serving cheese and wine or for use as vanity trays. Some even use the set as a purely decorative item.

The unique effects and vibrant colors are total showstopper.

Your guests will be envious, but you must apologize, because this set is unique and one of a kind!

If they want their own, they must find another unique set that is one of a kind in itself.  (Do not fret, send your friends ds our way and we will make them their own!)

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 2 in


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