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Using epoxy resin for painting is the my favorite way to use epoxy resin.  I started buying epoxy resin for paintings at my local arts and craft stores, Hobby Lobby and Michaels. The only product I could find at these stores was Envirotex Lite Epoxy Resin.  Recently, craft stores are stocking more brands of epoxy resin for art, but you still pay a premium for buying instore and the options are no where near as vast as they are when purchasing online.

There are two main ways to use epoxy resin for art paintings.  First, it can be used to do the actual painting, mixing a multitude of mediums with the resin to create beautiful, colorful effects on a canvas.  Second, epoxy resin can be used to seal and create a smooth, transparent, glasslike top coat over a painting.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the best Resin for Paintings

For resin paintings and wall art, an epoxy resin artist looks for an epoxy resin for art that has a high viscosity.  The thicker the resin, the better the effects will be in the painting.  Also, the higher viscosity ensures the colors used do not mix together too much, making a brown mess of resin.  A high viscosity ke the epoxy resin from completely running off the edges of your painting.  This is especially important for resin artists attempting to add a top coat or dome effect to their resin art painting.

The best epoxy resin for painting will have a highly effective UV filter to prevent yellowing after exposure to UV light.

With regard to working/cure time, the best epoxy resin for paintings will have a longer working and cure time. Some epoxy resins for art have a working time up to 60 minutes, which is great.  However, other epoxy resins, although they claim to be for art, will start to cure within 20 minutes of mixing, which does not give the resin artist much time for creating.  A longer working time is fantastic for resin artists looking to create resin paintings, allowing more time for manipulation of the epoxy resin before it starts to harden or cure. During the working time, a resin artist can create awesome effects and play with different color combinations.

As always, we want an epoxy resin for art that is low in toxicity and budget friendly!

Qualities of the Best Resin for Paintings

To sum it all up, the best epoxy resin for painting

The best Resin for Painting:

Mas ArtPro Epoxy Resin

best resin for paintingbest resin for painting

Why MAS Art Pro Epoxy Resin for painting?

Mas ArtPro Epoxy resin is number one on our list for the best epoxy resin  for paintings.  Here’s why:

  1. Mas ArtPro Epoxy Resin is specifically formulated for resin artists. This wonderful company gathered input for dozens of resin artists before formulating Mas ArtPro Epoxy Resin.  Go figure!  You get what you need when you have the voice to tell a company what you need!  So, thank you mas Art Pro and your collaborating resin artists for bringing us an epoxy resin for paintings that is not only more affordable than the leading art resin brand on the market today, but actually works better!
  2. A 1:1 mixing ratio and 60 minute working time make this epoxy resin a top notch choice for your resin paintings.
  3. We love the thickness of the Mas ArtPro Epoxy Resin, as it allows for great effect and color manipulation in our resin paintings.  it is also a great epoxy resin for coating resin paintings.
  4. If mixed according to directions, Mas Art Pro Epoxy Resin is crystal clear and bubbles created during the mixing process rise to the surface easily.
  5. We have never noticed a chemical smell when mixing or heating Mas ArtPro Epoxy Resin, but it is always important to be safe and wear a mask and gloves no matter what resin you choose to use for your resin art.
  6. More affordable than the leading epoxy resin for art on the market today.
  7. BONUS: Mas ArtPro is manufactured in the US and the company has been around for over 25 years.

Where to Buy Mas ArtPro Epoxy Resin

Best Resin for Paintings: Runner Up

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  1. This article really peeked my interest because I love reading about art. Art has a way of opening my eyes to possible ideas and innovations as I tend to link art with technology. Getting to read about resins that best for painting is an added knowledge for me. I am still learning how to sketch, but will definitely make use of this information when I start painting.

    1. Nelson. So glad you are a fellow artist and that you are learning how to sketch.  Personally, I prefer abstract art, as I am not the best when it comes to realistic art.  However, if you find the medium that allows you to express yourself, you are lucky! Not many people find a passion like that in life.  Let me know if you ever want to cross over to the abstract resin art world. 

  2. Hello there, Alkyd resins are the most common resins to be used in solvent-based paints. They are basically polyesters and are used for both air-drying and heat-cured paints. Vinyl and acrylic emulsions These are mostly emulsions in water and are the most common water-based binders for use in household paint. For me, I would go with  the Mas ArtPro Epoxy Resin as it’s the most durable product I have ever used.

  3. Hello there!

    That is really an amazing guide on purchasing the best resin for painting. I love how helpful the article was written to be. I believe this article will guide whoever wants to purchase a resin in knowing which one to go for without ending up with regrets. I was more interested when I read that the best resin for painting is provided at a reasonable price, without sacrificing any of the qualities.


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