32 Best Silicone Molds for Resin: You Made WHAT From Resin?

Epoxy resin is a pretty amazing substance.  From wall art, coasters, serving trays, and jewelry to ashtrays, nightlights, and ‘brass knucks,’ when creating art with resin, the possibilities are endless.

When it comes to casting with epoxy resin, the internet is loaded with some unique silicone molds. Everybody has seen the coaster molds flooding artists’ Instagram feeds, as well as the pyramid molds, used by TikTok artists, that end up splattered all over your for you pages.

However pervasive these types of molds are on the social media pages of resin artists around the world, there are a number of silicone molds that have not received the same notoriety. In fact, I bet you never even imagined, in your wildest dreams. that some of the silicone molds for resin casting I have listed here, even existed!

Don’t worry, you can thank me later!

Some of the items you can cast out of epoxy resin using silicone molds are seriously unbelievable.  For example, did you know you could make little castings to replace the keys on your desktop computer using a silicone mold?  Or, did you ever believe it would be possible to cast a new oil burner for your essential oils? Hey, you can even cast the single piece you have been missing from the ornate chess set that you have been dying to dis[play on your coffee table!!

First, I explain what resin casting is and recommend the best epoxy resin to use for your resin casting project. Next, we get straight to the point and list the best, most unique silicone molds for resin casting.  Then I explain, in detail, what qualities a good silicone mold has, explaining how we choose the molds for our ‘best of lists.’ Lastly, I lay out my top recommendations for caring for, cleaning, and storing your silicone molds. After reading this post, you should feel confident enough to create a fantastic resin casting using one of these amazing silicone molds.

What is Resin Casting?

Resin casting is a method of making models out of a thermosetting polymer.  A thermosetting polymer called epoxy resin is one of the most common liquids used to cast these models. Other resins, such as fiberglass or polyester resin are also used in resin casting, but we recommend epoxy resin if you are a beginner!) A mold is used, usually made of silicone or plastic, and epoxy resin is poured into the mold.  The defining quality of a good casting resin is its low viscosity. Low viscosity liquids are thin.  The thin liquid is best suited to fill all voids in a mold easily, and then harden to form your casting.  Another quality of a low viscosity epoxy resin is its long working time and cure time. As a result, bubbles that have been introduced into the epoxy resin while mixing, have more time to rise to the surface and pop while the casting is curing in the mold.  For more detailed information on epoxy resins and what products work best for resin casting, check out Best Epoxy Resin for Art Projects.

incredible solutions
One of the best epoxy resins for casting is Incredible Solutions Epoxy Resin.

This is one of our go-to epoxy resins for castings because it releases air bubbles well, self-levels, and consistently cures hard.

Best Silicone Molds for Resin

Silicone molds are easy to use, simple to wash, and can be used repeatedly if taken care of correctly. Silicone molds are the best option for resin casting as far as their cost-effectiveness. Silicone molds are used to cast items like jewelry, geodes, coasters, and more. In fact, that ‘and more’ contains a lot more items than we thought possible. 

Here is a list of the most awesome, unique silicone molds for resin casting that you had no idea existed!!

1. Jewelry Organizer Silicone Mold

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This resin mold kit by Vakoo includes molds to create a jewelry display stand to organize all your jewelry in a fun way!  It also has a specific place to hang your earrings!  So cute!!! This would make such a great gift idea for someone who loves to work with resin.

jewelry organizer silicone moldsjewelry organizer silicone resin mold

2. Light Bulb Silicone Molds

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These are so neat. Make your own lightbulbs that actually light up, using these resin molds.  Let’s Resin light bulb silicone resin mold kits include silicone molds shaped like lights bulbs.  You could use resin to cast anything into a light bulb, that actually works!!

For example, flowers would make an awesome terrarium bulb. Or you could put some transparent blue resin into the molds and add a couple of fish swimming around.  After your make your light bulb resin casting, the little silver part of the bulb screws onto the end and lights up your creation!!! The light is rechargeable so you will never have to throw away your creation because it burned out.

Who thinks of this stuff?? And the price is seriously awesome.

You may actually save some money on lightbulbs and be able to get crafty at the same time!

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part.  These resin mold kits include a vibration-sensitive light, meaning your lightbulb can actually be used as a tap-on/tap-off light! So convenient!

lets resin light bulb silicone resin molds

lets resin light bulb silicone resin molds

3.  Oil Burner Silicone Mold with Tea Light Holder

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We are in love with this awesome aroma diffuser silicone mold for resin! This mold allows you to cast an oil fragrance burner using epoxy resin.  Oil burners, also known as aroma diffusers, keep rooms smelling beautiful year-round. The neat part about making your own oil burner is you can make one that matches your décor perfectly!

The silicone mold comes with a little glass dish that sits inside the casting. You can place your favorite wax scent cubes in the tray, place a tea light underneath the structure, and melt your way to smelly goodness! Since the day we cast our first aroma diffuser, our house has been smellin’ BOMB AF.  True story, bro!

Not only is this mold great for making your own personalized diffusers, but how cool would it be to create your holiday gifts this year?  I know what you are thinking. Handmade gifts are tacky, even annoying, at times. I mean, who actually appreciates receiving 45 different handmade bath bombs each Christmas?  Certainly not I.

Seriously guys, enough with the bath bombs… I don’t even have a bathtub!!

A handmade aroma diffuser though? Yeah, I would be happy with a few of those!

Especially because the resin castings we were able to create using this silicone mold truly look like they were taken straight off the shelves of Pier One.  

aroma diffuser silicone mold for resin castingaroma diffuser silicone mold for resin casting

4. 3-Tier Cupcake Stand Silicone Mold for Resin

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This three-tier cupcake display silicone mold has been around for a while and you may have seen it already. However, the different resin castings that I’ve seen artists come up with using this mold are astounding.

In fact, I am planning to use this resin mold set to create cupcake displays for my sister’s upcoming wedding. I plan on using resin that matches the theme of her wedding, which would be impossible to find if she tried to buy these at the store. It is simple to match her theme colors with epoxy resin pigments.  Plus, I can add bling, which is a must at a wedding (Obviously not in a tacky way, but more of a classy glamorous way.) They will be the hit of the party! Aside from the bride, I mean….obviously 🙂

Watch our blog for an upcoming post showing the process used to make a 3-tiered cupcake stand out of resin for my sister’s wedding. I may also film a reaction video if anybody is interested.

That should really hold me accountable!


Oh, bonus, this kit includes all the hardware necessary to construct your three-tier cupcake stand.  It also includes 2 sets of molds, one set is square and the other is round. Check out the pictures!!

3-Tier Cupcake Stand Silicone Mold for Resin3-Tier Cupcake Stand Silicone Mold for Resin Casting

5. Resin Agate Coasters Silicone Mold Set

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If you follow my blog you know that one of my top recommendations for silicone coaster molds is diamond-edged molds. In fact, one of the highest-ranked coaster molds I recommend in 16 Best Silicone Coaster Molds for Resin has diamond edges like the ones in this mold set.  However, while browsing Amazon for hours the other day, (Don’t judge me, I got stuck because I found so many cool molds and I’m sharing them with you, so shush!) I found this set of ten diamond-edged agate-shaped silicone coaster molds and I had to buy them. I thought things couldn’t get any better, but they did with this mold. Love love love.

diamond edge agate shaped coaster molds dimensions

resin agate coaster mold casting

6. Decorative Flower Silicone Molds

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Okay, okay so I’m honestly not quite sure what these molds make. The title is not exactly straightforward. However, I thought these would be really cool as a centerpiece for your coffee table or even hung up as an ornament. Since they are druzy molds they the resin casting will shine beautifully when the sun or artificial light hits the casting. I have not seen many resin artists try these molds yet, so you should definitely be one of the first! They are so cute and I have so many ideas for them and so little time to cast all of them! The set comes with 5 different flower molds:

One piece is a 7.8” flower mold with an irregular center cutout that can be used to make a bonus casting, and the other 4 molds are 4.1”x3.8” and shaped like flowers with five sides.  (See image)

irregular flower moldsirregular flower molds

 7. Coffee Pod Holder Resin Molds Kit

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This silicone mold is for all the coffee lovers out there, and by ‘coffee lovers’ I mean those of you who like to pull a little pod out, stick it in your Keurig and press the button. Ahem, it may be a shortcut, but it sure tastes good! My sister uses a French press, and I just don’t understand why she goes through so much work for a cup of coffee when Keurig pods are so delicious. Anyway, if you or someone in your life is a Keurig addict, like me, this is the resin mold for you. This amazing silicone resin mold makes castings that hold your coffee pods for your Keurig machine. (or copycat brand machine :)). I recently purchased this mold and made one for myself right away. Now that my family has come over and seen my bright red resin coffee pod towers sitting next to my Keurig filled with delicious options of flavored coffee pods, everybody wants me to make them one! (Aside from my sister obviously.) Plus, the coffee pod tower holds 16 capsules, which is actually more than the pod holder I bought at HomeGoods last year. Winning!

coffee pod holder silicone moldcoffee pod holder silicone mold

8. Straw Topper Silicone Molds

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Okay, so not only is this silicone mold plain awesome, but it’s beginning to become a necessity for some states. California, and many other states, have outlawed the use of plastic straws to protect our environment and clean up our landfills. I’m not sure if it’s working, but if you would like to be a crusader for the environment you need to purchase this silicone resin mold. It includes three different styles of molds to make adorable straw toppers so you can always identify whose drink is whose.

This mold would have been very handy when I visited California last! I had to purchase my own straw to drink my margaritas. I had to purchase a metal straw and switch it to each new glass I ordered. If you lose your straw, you have to pay another five bucks to buy another one.

So, the more Margaritas I had, the harder it became to keep track of my metal straw, considering everybody else had the same exact one. Had I had this silicone mold at the time, I could have plopped on a nice little straw topper that would make my straw completely unique and never lost my straw again.

These little straw topper silicone molds are so cute and come in a variety of different shapes. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed with your resin casting

straw topper silicone moldsstraw topper resin castings

9. Hand/Construction Tools Silicone Molds 

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These hand construction tool silicone molds are way cool. I mean, who thought of that? Who was sitting in their house one day and was like, “I need to use my epoxy resin to cast some more construction tools?”

Whatever Carpenter that was, I’d like to meet him.

Anyway, you can check out Instagram for some amazing renditions of this resin casting, including glittery pink rainbow construction toolsets. They can be used as decoration, or, if you have hard-type resin, you could potentially use them as construction tools as well.

The thing I like most about these molds is that they aren’t really gender-specific. A lot of molds tend to the categorized in the ‘girly’ category, but these could turn out pretty masculine looking if the right colors or embedded objects are used. (P.S. This is not a statement to offend any sort of gender fluidity activists out there, I just made an observation.) You do you boo.

construction tools silicone moldsconstruction tools resin castings

10. Dishwasher Clean/Dirty Sign Silicone Molds

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I totally don’t blame you if you choose not to believe the story I’m about to tell you, but I swear it’s true…

When I was about 12 years old, I used to think of things that would change the world if I invented them. I totally came up with this idea.

However, I thought that a dishwasher should tell you when it’s clean or dirty automatically.

The dishwasher signs that you can make using these silicone resin molds are neat, but you do have to flip the sign yourself from clean to dirty.

My invention somehow involved the dishwasher being able to tell if the dishes were clean or dirty by itself, without being thrown off if the door of the dishwasher is opened and shut a few times before it gets unloaded. I know you know what I’m talking about.

There have been some inventions like this on the dishwasher face itself, but none have been able to read whether you actually unloaded the dishwasher the last time you opened the door to grab a single clean spoon because you were too lazy to unload the entire thing!

Anyway, this mold is amazing. I mean what will they think of next,? Well, I guess we’re about to find out!

dishwasher clean dirty silicone moldsdishwasher clean dirty resin casting

11.  Guitar Pick Resin Silicone Molds

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Yes, you can cast guitar picks out of epoxy resin using this silicone mold. The first time I saw these and purchased them, (because once you see these how can you not purchase them immediately?) I wanted to start offering them in my shop.

However, I don’t know how to play the guitar and I’m not current on the music community trends regarding what makes a ‘cool’ guitar pick. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments below. I would love to start offering some of my own guitar pick creations, but I must not be embarrassed by all those talented musicians looking for guitar picks… on a resin art site… yeah…

These molds are great, and if you are a musician yourself, well I don’t know how you haven’t already clicked the button to buy them…

Or maybe you have, and I’m just speaking to myself now.

Okay, I’m going to shut up.

Oh, one more thing. The set also includes a mold to make an adorable carrying case for your guitar pick resin castings.

guitar picks and case silicone moldsguitar picks and case resin casting

12.  Large Serving/Vanity Tray Silicone Molds 

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Having a serving tray mold is always handy for those of us who like to plan gatherings or have friends over. The fact that you can cast a serving tray to match the theme of your gathering should really be exciting to you.

I last used my mold to cast a movie-themed tray. I put popcorn kernels, ticket stubs, red hot candies, and old film rolls (from the days before digital) into my tray and served snacks with it for my horror movie marathon. it was a hit.

I served drinks and popcorn and got a ton of compliments.

These molds can also be used to cast vanity trays, if you have the urge to glam it up, you could use the tray to display your Eau de Perfumes

vanity tray silicone mold resin castingsvanity tray silicone mold

13. Spoon Holder Silicone Mold 

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These spoon holder silicone molds are pretty handy to have around. I actually use this mold to hold some of my silicone utensils while I am doing resin projects. However, this is a really nifty mold to have if you don’t have somewhere to rest your spoons or spatulas while you are cooking.

This resin casting can be made to match the colors of your kitchen and will look really cute sitting in the middle of your stove even when you’re not using it.

A spoon rest is one of those kitchen items that many people forget to purchase when stocking their kitchen. If you can whip one up real quick overnight using this mold, you won’t have to remember to put it on the grocery list for the next time you go to Walmart!

You’re welcome. I do particularly enjoy a silicone mold that makes items that are useful for everyday life like this one does.

spoon holder resin castingspoon holder silicone mold

14. Flower Vase Silicone Mold 

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This silicone mold makes the cutest little flower vase I’ve seen in a long while. The mold is square and forms a circle in the center where you can place a little glass tube to display a few flowers. The little glass tube is also included with the molds when you purchase them.

I had never even seen this type of vase anywhere else before I found this mold. However, I think they are too adorable to pass up.

resin flower vase castingresin flower vase silicone mold

15. Pointed Crystal Tower Silicone Molds

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This silicone resin mold is for all you spiritualists out there! Those of you who take your herbal tea hanging upside down in a yoga trapeze every morning! Don’t worry, I’m not judging.

I actually bought a yoga trapeze a few months back and hung it up on my ceiling. Putting it up was probably the most intensive exercise I’ve had using the trapeze so far unless you include the extracurriculars my boyfriend and I have used it for. Wink wink!

Ok, let us keep this G-rated! Sheesh.

Anyway, these silicone molds are used to make crystal towers out of resin. You could cast stones, flowers, or crystals in them to use for meditation or just make some pretty crystal towers to display around your home.

I have chosen to display my crystal resin tower next to my incense burner! (And yes, my incense burner was made using another silicone mold for resin!!! Check it out below)

crustal tower resin casting moldscrustal tower resin casting

16. Ouija Board and Planchette Silicone Molds 

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Spooky! I bought this Ouija board silicone mold a while back but have not had the nerve to cast anything with it yet. It is a neat idea and, by all means, if you know how to use these responsibly, this is a great mold for you. Whenever I pull mine out I get weird flashbacks to the movie Jumanji, which scared the crap out of me as a kid, and I chicken out. I know, the kids in Jumanji were not using an ouija board, but for some reason I envision myself waking up a stampede of spirits.  I always feared that the spirits I could awaken with an Ouija board would come at me like the stampede scene in Jumanji…freaky. Seriously though, total props to you if you know how to use an Ouija board safely.

ouija board resin silicone moldsouija board resin casting


17. Incense Burner Silicone Molds

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Here is the other awesome silicone mold that belongs in the spiritual category! This mold is pretty neat. The casting has a perfect-sized hole in one end to stick your incense into and the rest of the casting collects the ashes while the incense stick burns. What a great way to keep the counters clear of ash while completing your yoga sess. I mean who wants to clean up a mess after meditating?? Not this hippie 🙂

Bonus, this kit includes mica powders to color your resin with!

incense holder casting silicone moldsincense holder casting

18. Bluetooth Earbuds Case Silicone Mold

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This Bluetooth (wireless) earbuds case silicone mold is one that had my jaw hanging lower than usual when I first came across it! What a great little gift for kids going back to school. I made one with dried flowers and silver leaf cast into the resin for my niece going back to school. For my nephew, I cast stickers from his favorite sports team into the mold.

They were a hit! Both kids said their friends thought they were so awesome and wished they had an aunt that was cool. 🙂 Damn straight!

  earbuds case silicone moldearbuds case resin casting

19. Night Light/ Tap Light Silicone Molds 

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Another really creative silicone mold, this night light mold allows you to display in resin, a gorgeous little scene that comes to life when you tap the top of the light.

You could cast flowers or sparkly glitters in the mold. Another neat way to use this mold is to place a black silhouette Into the resin. When turned on the silhouette is backlit by the light and will cast a shadow onto an adjacent wall or ceiling. If you want, it could be a never-ending hand puppet! Joking, kind of.

Anyway, the mold includes a backplate with a bulb and circuit system that allows you to turn the light on and off. When switched on you can still tap the light on and off.

  night light silicone moldnight light resin casting

20. Ballpoint Pen Silicone Molds 

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Another handy mold to have around, this mold ensures you will never have to scour the house for a pen again! Instead, use some UV resin, plop it in the pen mold with one of the included ink cartridges, add some bling if you can’t resist, pop-under a UV light and you will have a working pen in less than ten minutes! Worth it! Especially because this silicone mold set comes with plenty of ink inserts, in red blue, and green! You could make enough pens to last you a while. Or, if you work at one of those businesses where pen thievery is abundant, you could teach your customers a lesson by casting some razorblades or thumbtacks into a few of your resin pens. It may sound sinister, but I promise, your pens will stop disappearing.

Also, this kit comes with three different shaped pen molds, as well as 75 ink cartridge refills in your choice of red, black, or blue.  You will have pens for days!

resin pen castingspen silicone molds

21. Shot Glass Silicone Mold 

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Size: 4 Nice 2” x 1.3” round Ice Cups – The Ice Glass will hold 1oz
Okay, so needless to say this is of my favorite silicone molds for resin casting. I use leftover resin from my wall art and pour it into these molds to make awesome shot glasses. In fact, check them out at my store. These are probably some of my most popular items.

These are another really handy silicone mold to have laying around. Let’s say you don’t have enough shot glasses for your evening soiree. If you have some quick cure, non-toxic resin lying around, you could whip up four extra shot glasses with this mold and be ready for your evening drinking debauchery!.

Or, if you had more time on your hands, you could cast different objects into these shot glasses like bottle caps, bullets, or jelly beans! The options are literally endless and some people have come up with some really interesting designs.

I believe these silicone molds were originally intended for making ice cube shot glasses. You fill them with water and place them in the freezer and voila you have your shot glasses made of ice. You can skip chilling your liquor in the Shaker before taking your shots!

So, when you buy these silicone molds you’re really getting a two-for-one.

Another great way to use these is to fill them with your favorite juice or cocktail mix and freeze them. Then you won’t need a chaser for the next shots you take at your next party. I used limeade in these molds recently and froze them. These were some of the best tequila shots I’ve ever taken.

If your guests don’t gobble up the frozen shot glasses right away, have them throw them into the blender, add some more tequila, a can of beer, and you have a batch of slushy frozen margaritas!

Don’t forget to use the resin straw toppers you cast using your silicone straw topper molds!!!

Here is a set of handmade, one-of-a-kind, wood and resin shot glasses we have available in The Craftelot Resin Art Shop.  Click on the image to view the complete selection of shot glasses available, or contact us for custom orders.

Resin Shot Glasses For Salesilicone shot glass mold

22. Octopus Silicone Mold

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This silicone mold makes the coolest looking octopus ever!! This is a great mold to use if you are doing a resin project with kids. Once the resin casting is dry, you could hang it on a child’s wall or use it as bedroom décor on top of a dresser. What a great way to have a kid participate in decorating and designing his or her own space!

Octopus Epoxy Resin Moldsoctopus resin casting

23. Perpetual Calendar Silicone Mold

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Another silicone mold for the spiritualists out there, this perpetual calendar silicone mold is way neat.  Have you ever wondered how you could track the phases of the moon in relation to the days of the week or the months of the year? Well, this silicone mold lets you do just that!  The resin casting fit perfectly together after demolding and the final piece is a great conversation starter.  This can also be used as an educational tool for your kiddos if you are teaching them about the passage of time and the moon phases!

perpetual calendar silicone moldperpetual calendar silicone mold resin casting

24. 3 Pieces Koi Fish Silicone Molds for Resin Casting

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This silicone mold comes in three pieces.  The mold makes koi fish and they look really neat if you cast them into an aquatic scene after demolding.  For example, take a wooden bowl, and set your koi fish casting on the bottom. Mix transparent blue pigment into resin and pour on top of your koi fish in the bowl.  It will look as if your koi fish is swimming around in the bowl. The 3-dimensional qualities of this type of project are really neat!

koi fish silicone mold resin castingkoi fish silicone mold

25. Tarot Card Silicone Molds 

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The last of the spiritualist silicone molds on our list, these molds make tarot cards.  If you are into that kind of thing or want to gift a tarot set to a friend who is, this is the mold for you.  I love that you can personalize each card to your liking.  You will have a tarot card set that is one of a kind!  Gypsies worldwide will envy you!

tarot card resin moldtarot card resin casting

26. Keycap Silicone Molds

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Now you may have seen some people on the internet make some of these resin keycap castings. Some of the castings I have seen are absolutely amazing. I have seen space nebulas cast into the space bar key.  I have also seen little white terraces cast into the arrow keys.  For this mold, your imagination is the only thing limiting you, and if you are creative like me, that makes the possibilities endless!

keycap resin casting silicone molds

keycap resin casting

27. Ultimate Stoner Kit Silicone Molds

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This is the ultimate stoner kit for resin artists.  It includes a large rolling tray, mold, an ashtray mold, a grinder mold, and a joint tray mold!  The large rolling tray is awesome because it has a cavity that perfectly fits the grinder!  Totally 420 friendly mold kit and a reasonable price for 4 quality molds.  Inhaaaaale, Exhaaale.

Stoner Kit Silicone MoldsStoner Kit Silicone Molds castings

28.  Calendar (Weekly and Monthly Planner) Silicone Molds

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This reusable calendar is super neat.  You can cast a weekly/monthly planner and design it however you want. Then using dry erase markers, get your schedule for the week down on the calendar.  Using a wet rag you can erase what you wrote and reuse the calendar.  I love the fact that you can cast this to match whatever décor is in your office.  Also, you could add sports teams emblems or other favorite themes and hand them out to your coworkers at the office.  They are perfect to keep in your cubicle or on your door to display when you are in a meeting.

Calendar Resin Molds castingCalendar Resin Molds

29. Coasters and Coaster Holder Silicone Molds

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We had to include this mold.  Mostly because it also has a holder for the coasters, which you can cast to match your coasters.  Initially, when I started making coasters I would think about how handy it would be to have a holder for the sets of coasters I was making.  Well, this mold made my wish come true! This kit is great because it comes with a set of 5 square coaster molds with a square holder mold, as well as a set of 5 round coasters molds with a round holder mold.

coasters and holder molds castingcoasters and holder molds

30. Mandala Trivet Silicone Mold

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Another trivet mold here, this one has a mandala shape to it. If you use pigment powders to brush over the mandala design before pouring your resin, the mandala design will really pop.  This mold would match the décor of a room decorated with this type of painting:

best silicone molds for resin

Available at Craftelot Resin Co Resin Art Shop

mandala trivet silicone moldsmandala trivet silicone molds casting

31. Agate Puzzle Coaster Silicone Mold

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These silicone coaster molds stood out as a contender for our list becuase they fit together like a puzzle.  The agate shape looks beautiful if you add sparkle/glitter to your resin castings.  The best part of these coasters is that they are not only useful, but they look gorgeous just sitting on your coffee table.

Puzzle Agate Coaster Resin Molds sizePuzzle Agate Coaster Resin casting

32.  Dog Tag Silicone Molds 

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How adorable are these silicone molds for resin casting?  Just in case your pooch was feeling left out with all the resin gifting going on, these silicone molds allow you to make custom dog tags.  This kit comes with 5 different types of molds for dog tags.  You could put your pet’s name on them, or even his chip ID number.  If you get really creative you could put your phone number on there too and the options for decorating the tags are endless. Fido will be grateful, I promise.  Woof.

dog tag silicone moldsDog Tag Resin castings

Factors to Consider When Buying Silicone Molds for Resin Casting

A silicone resin mold, no matter how cool the object it casts is, must rank high in multiple ranking categories before we feel comfortable recommending it to our readers. We have tried each of these molds and provided an honest review of each.  We have not included resin silicone molds that gave us issues, resulted in bad casts or molds that are just crap quality.

The factors to keep in mind when looking to buy a silicone resin mold, are as follows:

  • Durability/Reusability
  • Thickness: Flexibility Ratio
  • Non-stick
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean

IMPORTANT: To make this particular silicone resin mold recommendation list, the silicone resin mold also had to be super cool and unique.  We only included molds that would make the least crafty of readers excited to try a resin casting!  We think we succeeded.  You let us know in the comments below.

How These Molds Made Our ‘Best Of’ List

Our list of the most interesting silicone molds for resin casting only includes products we have used ourselves.  These silicone molds for resin casting all meet our quality standards for use, so we feel comfortable recommending these products to our readers. We also just thought these molds were really unique.  I mean who doesn’t want to make custom keycaps out of resin or new dog tags for their pet out of resin?  They were just too neat to not share with you!

Good Quality and Durable

One of the main reasons why silicone molds for resin casting are worth investing in is their reusability. Silicone resin molds are a great way to minimize waste in the environment and for this reason, it is important to get one that is quality-made and durable.

Buying durable molds is also financially beneficial to you. Constantly having to replace your silicone molds is a hassle and costly.   You will save more as a result of the resin mold’s longevity instead of wasting your hard-earned money on numerous bad-quality ones. All silicone resin molds included in our list are top-quality and will last you and your family through countless art projects.

NOTE: There is no such thing as a silicone mold for resin casting that lasts forever.  The more you use your molds, the faster they will need to be replaced.  However, if you follow our silicone mold care tips and storage recommendations, these molds will last longer than many others on the market today. Check out Silicone Mold Care Recommendations.

Thickness: Flexibility Ratio

This category for ranking silicone molds for resin casting overlaps in many ways with the first category we mentioned.  For example, a durable silicone mold is usually also a quality mold.  However, thickness is taken into account with another factor in mind: flexibility.

A more flexible mold means an easier demold of your resin casting. Thickness and flexibility may seem in direct conflict.  For example, it seems that the thicker a substance, the less flexible.  However, many companies have been able to find the ‘sweet spot.’

The sweet spot we are referring to is the perfect ratio between thick and flexible.  Obviously, the thicker the better, but if a mold is too thick, making it impossible to remove the resin casting, the mold becomes almost useless.  We can not in good conscience recommend a mold that is extremely frustrating to demold.

In other cases, molds that are too thin, or flexible, rip during the demold process and sometimes during storage or cleaning!

The correct ratio for a silicone mold is one that is thick enough to be considered good quality and flexible enough to get a resin casting out of the mold with ease.


When it comes to nonstick surfaces, there is nothing that beats silicone. It is the ultimate nonstick workspace for your arts and crafts needs. Even the stickiest of resins and adhesives are not going to faze your silicone mold if it has been properly made.  However, and we are not positive why some silicone molds are ruined after one casting.

We believe this could be a manufacturing default where the silicone and its catalyst were not mixed properly.  However, rare, we already keep this in mind when rating.

Note: Using too much heat on your molds will cause your resin casting to stick to your mold and may completely ruin your mold so follow proper precautions for using heat with your silicone resin molds.

All the recommended silicone resin molds in our lists are nonstick masters! You will not have to deal with the annoyance of peeling off bits and pieces of product stubbornly stuck to the surface. This brings us to our next point: cleaning your resin molds.

Easy to Clean

If like us, you hate cleaning, silicone molds are going to be your best friend.

The ease with which you can clean a silicone mold used for resin casting is just one of many great benefits. You do not have to waste time and energy laboring away, scrubbing your molds.  Wait for the epoxy resin to fully cure, then pick out the leftover pieces of resin from your mold.

If there are stubborn pieces, spray a mixture of warm water and isopropyl alcohol into the mold and wipe them out with a washcloth or thick paper towel.  We recommend doing this before each new casting anyway, to make sure you don’t transfer any pigments from a previous casting into a new casting.

All the molds listed below are easy to clean and require little effort to peel off the cured epoxy resin.

Reasonably Priced and Affordable

You do not have to make a huge dent in your savings to get an affordable and yet good-quality silicone resin mold.

This is not to say that you should go ahead and buy a cheap product that lasts you a couple of uses until it gives up on you. We recommend not to go for products that are priced extremely low as they may lack in quality. However, the list we have curated offers you the best silicone resin molds while still being relatively reasonable in their pricing.

If pricing is important for you, a good practice is to be on the lookout for a sale and get a good quality silicone mold for cheaper at a discounted price. Amazon offers sales all the time. Be sure to check the prices on the molds you like, using our links below!


For this list, another factor is: BEING AWESOME, UNIQUE, and JUST PLAIN COOL.

This one is self-explanatory and not included in our silicone spoon charts.  This is because each of the recommendations for silicone molds ranked off the charts in this category!!

Silicone Mold Care

How to Clean Silicone Molds

Cleaning silicone molds used for resin casting is simple, as epoxy resin does not stick to silicone.  However, you must have the patience to let your casting cure completely before demolding in order to properly remove excess resin from the mold.  Once a cured casting is demolded, any resin that is still stuck to the mold peels easily off the mold.  Using a paper towel or magic eraser soaked in warm water to wipe away stubborn epoxy out of your mold works well.  If you are still having trouble getting the excess epoxy pieces out of your silicone mold, use a bit of isopropyl alcohol on a washcloth and wipe down the mold.  That should do it.

If you have not used a mold for a while, be sure to wipe out the mold with warm water or isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel before doing a new resin casting.  Molds that have been stored for a while tend to pick up dust easily so you want to make sure you have wiped them down really well before using them again.  Do not use any harsh chemicals like Bleach or Clorox sprays on your mold.  It may ruin the surface of your silicone mold and it may become dull or rip when demolding your next casting. For these same reasons, never use abrasive sponges or steel wool to scrub your molds.

Preparing Silicone Molds for a Resin Casting

Always use a mold release before casting.  A mold release is a non-stick coating, like Pam for baking sheets, that makes the silicone surface slippery when sprayed. Spraying mold release in your silicone molds before pouring your resin gives a resin artist a couple of advantages.  First, the mold release makes it easier to demold your castings, ensuring your mold does not rip if you struggle to pull out the casting.  Secondly, mold release protects your silicone mold from the heat created during the curing process. This helps keeps your molds in great shape for a longer time.

We recommend the following mold release agent:

Storing Silicone Molds

Storing silicone molds is not too difficult, however, you should take some time to designate a space for your molds specifically.  It is not a great idea to toss your molds in a basket, one on top of the other, in an unorganized fashion.  Silicone molds have the tendency to lose their shape if not stored flat. Therefore, be sure your mold is not stored in such a way that it is bending out of shape.  It is a good idea to put pieces of cardboard between molds if you plan on stacking them. This keeps your molds flat and separated from one another  Also, try to store your molds in a closed container so dust cannot get into the molds. Silicone seems to attract dust and this makes them harder to clean when you take them out to use again,

Obviously, all silicone molds are eventually perishable. However, you can get much use out of a mold if you wash it correctly, use a mold release agent when casting, and store your mold properly.

What is Your Favorite?

Thank you so much for reading and we would love to hear from you in the comments about which molds are your favorites!

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  1. Hello and welcome. You’ve written a very interesting article. For a long time, I’ve been interested in crafts. However, I had no idea I could make things out of molds and silicons, so I guess I should give it a shot. The jewelry holders were the first thing that piqued my interest. I adore jewelry and have a large collection. This is something I will have to try for myself, so thank you for sharing.

    1. Kiersti! 

      So happy we could provide some inspiration.  The great thing about all these molds is that they are cheap, good-quality, and already made for you! (You don’t have to worry about making your own and messing with mixing silicone compounds and that whole mess.)  

      All you need is some craft resin, which you can find in Best Epoxy Resin For Art Projects–Everything You Need To Know, some pigments, which you can find in WARNING: Meyspring Epoxy Resin Color Pigments Create Heart Stopping Artwork, and one of the silicone molds for epoxy resin projects listed above. 

      If you want to keep your workspace clean, also check out Best Silicone Craft Mats For Resin Artists!

      Have a great day!

  2. Wow! I never realized that you could make so many different items with silicone molds. I’ve only ever seen fancy coasters but you have molds for lightbulbs, crystal towers, and even shot glasses. I could make a whole range of gifts for Christmas and Birthdays with this choice.

    Are there any safety issues with working with silicone or inhaling the fumes while you work?

  3. Hello Ashley. Thanks for the very interesting article you have made, for me, it was a lot of new info. Here I got many Christmas presents tips that I will use. I will likely be getting a couple of these silicone molds. I know it takes a lot of time to complete an article like this, appreciate your work. Cheers.

  4. This is such a awesome article! I learned some about the possibilities of resin casting during college, but never had the chance to go in-depth like this. The DIY applications and incorporation of everyday decor and functional items is simply amazing, and so cool. My favorites among the applications you showcased are probably the keycap silicone molds, puzzle coaster, the ballpoint pen and light bulbs. Bookmarked for future reference!

    1. Great! So glad we could bring you back to your college days! I also love the keycap molds.  In fact, stay tuned for a tutorial using these molds.  I will be posting it soon!  Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Wow I didn’t know there were different types of molds. I just got so fixated with the basic shapes for jewelry set that I initially ordered. I thought it was all about how I mix and match glitters to have a good outcome. I think I just limited my potential product. Thanks for this article!

  6. Hi there, wow, what an amazing selection of molds for resin projects, it has really given me lots of ideas and possibilities. My granddaughter would love night lights with sparkles in them, but is this too adventurous for a beginner?

    You mention that epoxy resin is best to use when one is a beginner with resin art. Why would it be better for beginners? Is it easier to work with than fiberglass or polyester?

    1. Epoxy Resin, especially the brands recommended in  Best Epoxy Resin For Art Projects–Everything You Need To Know is made for artists.  Most of the products in the article have no fumes or VOCs, so toxicity does not need to be much of a concern.  Also, the only thing that has to be done perfectly is to measure Part A and Part B quantities.  After you have mixed it correctly, it is pretty easy to work with.  Just pour in the mold after mixing your desired pigments and let dry!  Polyester and fiberglass resins tend to have strong fumes and can be finicky to work with. Hope this helps!

  7. I’ve never come across these resins. But after reading your post, I recalled seeing something on TV. Several people have been posting videos creating coffee tables made of some resin and deadwood. They entomb the wood in a clear resin that hardens around it to form a very intricate design. I’m not sure they use the same type of resin, but the outcome is more or less like the pictures you have here.

    1. Yes, we also do projects like the one you are talking about. These molds are used for resin casting, more of a beginner-type project, but just as beautiful a result.  In fact, if you wanted to get fancy, you can use some of these molds to cast pieces of wood into the resin as well. That is a neat way to incorporate organic items into your resin castings. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hi Ashley. Thank you for very interesting article. Im big fan of crafted items but I had no idea that there are so many amazing products from silicone mold. I especially like hexagonal jewelry organizer. Firstly I though it would be great for a gift, but not I really want it for myself. Jewelry will look great and it would be artistic and creative accent of home décor.

    1. Right?? I am also obsessed with the hexagonal jewelry silicone mold. The options are endless as far as casting goes with this object. I recently made a casting using this mold that is pure glitter. It sparkles brilliantly. I gifted it to my niece and she is in love!!

  9. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. Epoxy Resin is such a fascinating substance and there is so much cool stuff to be made from it, especially using all of these unique silicone molds.  I mean, I think it’s fair to say that the possibilities with epoxy resin are nearly endless. To that end, I think these molds are handy for replacing stuff around the house that you would rather not purchase again.  If you have a mold and some epoxy, you can make your replacement item match whatever it belongs to perfectly. Using silicone molds is a great way to go about it. There is so much stuff to be made fusing these molds, I am getting excited. This hobby looks like a great amount of fun and I am looking forward to trying this with my kids. 

    I will likely be getting a couple of these silicone molds and saving your list for more later. I really appreciate it. 

    P. S. My wife will love that Cupcake stand. Just yesterday she suggested we should be getting one. 

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