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A detailed review of Let's Resin Colored UV Resin to help you determine whether this is the best UV Resin product for your art project.

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Let's Resin Colored UV Resin Kit Review

Click for more details on our rating system, the Scale of Silicone Spoons.

Let's Resin Colored UV Resin Bottle Sizes

Each colored UV Resin bottle has 20 grams or .07 ounces of UV Resin.  This is not a lot of UV Resin in each bottle, but it works well for small projects like keychains or jewelry.  

Let's Resin Colored UV Resin Cure Times

54W or higher UV Light: 6-8 minutes (3-4 minutes each side)
Direct Sunlight (Sunny Day): 20-30 minutes
Direct Sunlight (Cloudy Day): 30-60 minutes

Let's Resin Colored UV Resin Kit Test

As the first colored UV resin kit we feel confident to recommend to our readers, Let’s Resin Colored UV kit exceeded our expectations in most of our ranking categories.  The only category that Let’s Resin UV Resin lost points in was Affordability.  The kit itself is not priced too expensively, but for the amount of UV resin you are actually receiving, the price is a tad bit on the high side.  

Let’s Resin Colored UV Resin kit includes twelve colored UV Resins.  This is handy, as you do not need to mix in pigments to color the UV Resin.  It is done for you, which means you will not run into issues with curing that occasionally happen when too much pigment is added to a UV Resin. 

As far as the colors go, they are transparent after cure.  Most UV Resin kits that are colored are transparent, so this was not surprising to us.  

Here is a picture of what each color in this Let’s Resin UV resin kit looks like when cured:

 Let's Resin Colored UV Resin Colors

 Included Colors: Black, White, Red, Ruby Red, Pink, Blue, Sapphire Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow.  You can mix colors to get a broader color spectrum.

We found the color accuracy was good, except, due to the transparency, the red looks a bit pink and the black is almost clear.  So, if you are looking to make opaque UV resin projects, this is not the way to go.

You will be better off buying a clear UV Resin and adding the pigments yourself.  

However, for beginners resin artists, this is a great kit!!

You can make some really neat projects with ten UV Resin color options.  

Let’s Resin UV Resin has a slight odor that disappears once the object is cured.  

Another bonus of this kit is that the instructions are included and clear.  The steps to use the colored UV resin are easy to follow and understand. 

The included instructions state that a 36W UV light source is suggested to cure the Let’s Resin Colored UV Resin.  However, we suggest using at least a 54W UV light source to cure Let’s Resin Colored UV Resin.  Because Let’s Resin UV Resin is pre-colored, we found it tough to get a full cure with a 36W lamp.  A 54W lamp, however, worked very well.

Be sure to cure your UV resin art project on both sides. For example, here are the steps we suggest you take:

  1. Pour UV resin into your transparent mold and cure for 2 minutes.  
  2. Check that the UV resin piece is hardened on the top side and demold carefully. 
  3. Flip UV Resin piece over and cure the other side for another 2 minutes, or until cured all the way through.

 The thin nozzles on the UV resin bottles are very handy for pouring into small detailed molds and for pouring separate colors in separate areas of your molds.  Let’s Resin Colored UV Resin also works well for filling jewelry bezels or open back blanks. This product is not suitable for large projects.

Although our product arrived with no incident, many others have had issues with shipping of the Let’s Resin Colored UV Resin Kit.  Some report that the bottles arrived half full, while others noted the bottles had leaked all over the packaging during shipping.  

Let’s Resin is a reputable resin art product distributor and I am confident they have made adjustments to their packaging after hearing about these shipping issues, so you should not have any issues.  

Plus, Let’s Resin offers a 100% money-back guarantee so you can return any product with issues and get your money back or a replacement. (Note: Only available within 60 days of purchase.)

Let's Resin Colored UV Resin Kit Review pro con list

Suggested UV Light for Let’s Resin Colored UV Resin

We suggest purchasing one of the following UV lights to achieve a quality cure of Let’s Resin Colored UV Resin:


12 Responses

  1. I’m not a jeweler but i know about silicone colors. They are mostly used in projects like keychains or jewelry. The amount of each color is so small, i think it can be a positive point for producers who have low rate of producing. I think the part which i liked most was that the company have pre-mixed colors. I’ve checked the quality of each color and that was satisfying. Thanks my friend for sharing this content.

    1. Liam- I’m glad we could help with your color addition choice.  There are many options that are available on the market today and lots of them are affordable. Good luck in your quest! 

  2. I was looking for art and craft projects to do with my granddaughter, when I came across this review on Let’s Resin Colored UV resin kit. I am slightly confused though, as you say that because Let’s Resin UV Resin is pre-colored, it is more difficult and takes longer to cure. Is that because of the color, and is it different for different colors, or the same for every color? 

    Is this a kit that I can use with my 6 year old granddaughter, or is she too young for resin art? Thank you. 

    1. Great question Line.  Yes, so any time a color is added to UV resin the curing process is affected. This happens because the color additive essentially forms a barrier between the UV light and UV resin.  The curing process can be slowed down if less UV light is able to shine onto all parts of the casting. The darker the color additive, the harder it is for all the UV rays to penetrate through an entire piece.  A clear UV reins piece will cure much quicker than a piece that has been colored with a black additive.  The clear resin allows the highest number of UV rays to shine on and into the resin piece.  

      (Side note: This is why, with UV resin, I suggest using a clear silicone mold, so the UV light has the greatest possibility of shining through the mold to cure the piece.  I hope this makes sense.  

      Yes, the product reviewed here is pere-colored, with different colors in each bottle.  The colors are beautiful transparent colors.  The see-through nature of these tints helps to ensure the curing process is not inhibited by a solid color additive, as discussed above.  

      Have fun with your granddaughter! Let me know if you have any more questions.  

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  4. There are several applications that harness the properties of UV radiation and provide many benefits to the health and well-being of people. The ability of UV waves to kill microbes and remove contaminants is the primary use today.

  5. Hi. I usually use pigment powder to color my projects. But these are game changers! I love these! The colors are translucent but also very vibrant. They mix well with each other to create other colors. They cure great, there’s no tacky feeling. I also mixed them with some clear uv resin and they worked beautifully. 

  6. Are these used on nails? It is the first time that I hear of such a product. My mom is a nail technician so I will ask her if she’s ever heard of this product. Who knows, maybe she knows about it and she needs it so I will make sure that she gets this article. Thank you for this 

    1. Daniel-  UV resin is very similar to UV gel that is used for manicures.  However, usually UV Resin is used for arts and crafts, specifically smaller type projects like keychains and jewelry.  For a detailed explanation of what UV Resin is used for and reviews of our favorite UV Resin products check out Best UV Resin For Crafts: Everything you Need to Know

      Thanks for stopping by!

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