NEW RESIN SWIPE METHOD: Place silicone oil DIRECTLY on the swipe tool of your choice and get ready for some beautiful results!

I am relatively new to resin art and the swipe technique has taken me a while to learn.  It always looks easier than it actually is, but some of the resin swipe ‘greats’ on YouTube, including Artist Till Death, Moonkusser Art, Mixed Media Girl, Sue Findlay, Petra Jongbloed, JOTZ designs have inspired me to keep at it.

I have yet to see another resin artist use the specific method of applying silicone oil directly to the swipe tool.  Most artists use Resi-Blast, mix silicone oil into the resin, or sprinkle silicone oil on top of the resin after a swipe.  These methods also create beautiful results, but we are always looking to find different methods to create different effects.  I thought this one was worth sharing.

I love the subtle patterns this method creates and I hope I can inspire others to try a resin swipe painting!

If you are like me, you have experimented with swipe technique on acrylic pours.  For some reason, resin swipes are more complicated, requiring patience and practice!  Thanks again to all the wonderful YouTube resin artists I watch on the daily.

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If interested in any of the materials/colors I used in these two pieces, here they are:

First Pour:

Apple Barrel Paint in Bright Blue:
hot pink spray paint:
Metallic Silver Pigment: this is the kit I have and I love it:
Pearl Ex Pigments Interference Violet Pigment:

Second Pour:
Lite Mocha Acrylic Paint:
Dr. PH Martins Orange Acrylic Ink:
Apple Barrel Paint in Flag Red:
Deep Brown Metallic Pigment: this is the kit I have and I love it:
Castin Craft Opaque Pigment in Blue:

Both Pours:
silicone oil:
Envirotex Lite Epoxy Resin:
Silicone Paint Brushes:
Silicone Rolling Pin:
Wax Paper:
Plastic Paper Protectors:

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