This piece is done on a large, 4ft by 2ft MDF board canvas. I begin with a double coat of Gesso. After it dries, I sand the surface for alcohol ink application. I use an airbrush and an embossing heat gun to apply vibrant alcohol ink colors to the canvas. I added embellishments, including Diamond Dotz, glitter glass, metallic spray paints and silver leaf. Resin mixed with glitter is added as a floodcoat. Lastly, I mix multiple mediums with resin and perform multiple swipes with wax paper. The result is vibrant and it glistens incredibly in light. I hope you enjoy the insight into my resin art process.

Here are the products used in this piece:

Alcohol Inks


Glitter Glass

Holographic Glitter

Art Resin

Diamond Dotz Kit

Silver Leaf

Acrylic Paints

Thank you for watching.

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