Resin Serving Set

3 Piece Resin Serving Set

Includes a Serving Tray and two Oversized Coasters

Stone-like design with irregular edges, shiny glass-like finish

Colors: Vibrant Greens, White, Metallic Brown, and Golden Silver Glitter Glass in the Center


  • Serving Tray: Approximately 19in by 11in
  • Coasters: Approximately 6in to 7.5in in diameter

Materials: Epoxy Resin, Alcohol Ink, Acrylic Ink, Pigment Pastes, Pigment Powders, Glitter Glass



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This gorgeous green and white resin serving set includes a serving tray and two oversized coasters.  It is a perfect set for wine and cheese night with yout partner or a coffee and biscuit date with your bestie!

All three pieces are irregular shaped, to give a stone-like look.

The resin effects in each of the pieces are spectacular.

The center of each piece is adorned with golden/silver crystals, making this set this set sparkle.

The colors are vibrant and the resin in the center is crystal clear.  Handles can be added upon request. Just order and then email

This is truly one of a kind resin art set that all your guests will envy.

Note Food Contact:

Resin used is FDA compliant for food contact.  This means it is perfectly safe to serve cooked food on this product.

NEVER use for preparing food in an oven, microwave, or on a stove.  DO NOT use as a cutting board to avoid scratching the surface.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 1 in


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