Geode Resin Art Painting


Canvas: MDF Board (.5 inch thick)

Canvas Size: 24in x 18in

Materials: Epoxy Resin, Powder Pigments, Acrylic Paints, Alcohol Inks, Pigment Pastes, Crystals, Shattered Glass, Metallic Paints Markers, Pebeo Paints, Glitter Glass, Spray Paint

Style: Contemporary, Art Deco, Modern, Glamour

Colors: Whites, Creams, Browns, Golds


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Gorgeous Geode Resin Art Painting For Sale

This geode painting has amazing depth, created with four layers of epoxy resin, colored with different types of pigments. The piece is 24in by 18in. (2ft by 1.5ft)

Three areas are adorned with crystals, glitter glass, and shattered glass pieces, giving the piece a real geode look.

The browns, creams, and golds, in this piece are vibrant and captivating.

The colors are so rich that each time light hits a different angle of this painting, the viewer is able to identify new details that truly sparkle and shine. With a little light, from any angle, the display of this piece is indescribably stunning.

Promise, this rich looking piece will spark conversation no matter which room you find a home for it in.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 4 in


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