Resin Guitar Pick: Surrender


What: Epoxy Resin Guitar Pick made with Real Rose Petals

Colors: Army Green, Orange, and Pick with a Gold background

Sizes: This set includes 1 guitar pick, an average size, thicker toward the end your hold and thinner toward the strumming end. The pick itself is a bit taller than a quarter. (See size comparison photo)

Materials: Epoxy Resin, Pigment Powders, Real Rose Petals (Hand-Dyed and Pressed)

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This epoxy resin guitar pick is made with real rose petal, pigment powders and epoxy resin.  It is gorgeous to look at, as you can see the dried flowers laying in 3D on top of a cloud of gold pigments.  The top rose is an army green with orange accents and the rose petal sitting underneath, pealing through tot he top, is cream colors with pick veins running throughout.  The pick is mesmerizing to look at.

Resin guitar picks make the perfect gift for any musician, or music fan, you know!  If you are a musician, treat yourself and pick up one of these unique picks!

No one else will ever have the same picks as you because they are as unique as nature itself!  Each pick is made using hand dyed, pressed and dried, rose petals and epoxy resin. 

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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