Alexandria Rose Petal Earrings


Item: Alexandria Rose Petal Earrings

What: Real Rose Petal Earrings

Color: Purple

Findings: Sterling Silver

Size: See Image with Penny Comparison

Materials: Rose Petals, Custom Dye, Epoxy Resin, Jewelry Findings

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These earrings were specially designed for a friend who has so much love in his heart for his beautiful wife Alexandria, that he knew only a custom color/order would suffice. My friend told me one of Alexandria’s favorite colors is purple so I knew I had to find the perfect color/petals. As I mixed my dye the goal was to make one of the truest purples I could make.
I was thrilled with how the roses absorbed the dye and when I dried the petals, I started to understand those who hold purple in such high esteem. It most certainly is the royalist of colors, a perfect fit for a queen. For someone who has been one of my best friends over the years, there is no way the woman he took as his wife could be anything other than a queen, so I think I hit the nail on the head this time.

Order a pair of these unbe-leaf-able rose petal earrings to give as a gift to a friend, coworker, or lover! (Trust us, these are clutch as a gift for any budding romance.)  These sunny resin earrings are sure to brighten your day!  If you are giving them away, you will most definitely be her (or his) knight in shining armor. Find a pair in the bunch that really speaks to you, take it, and don’t leaf it!

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