Summer Resin Coasters

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In this video, I make brightly colored, summer-themed epoxy resin coasters. I love the way the oranges and yellows blended together to make beautiful designs. Unfortunately, the video and pictures don’t do them justice. This is an easy project for resin newbies and it’s pretty hard to screw up! I hope I inspired some of you to create your own!

Here are the products used in this video: 


Alcohol Ink in Dandelion

Alcohol Ink in Valencia

Golden white pigment


Stonecoat Countertops art resin

silicone oil

gold flakes

orange glitter


Instagram: @ashley_nicoleo

Here are some of the items I use frequently in my resin art:

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

Envirotex Lite Epoxy Resin

Pearl Ex Pigments:   this is the kit I have and I love it

Dr. Ph Martin’s India Ink

Alcohol Inks

silicone oil

Heat gun

Silicone Paint Brushes

Wood Canvas (I use MDF board, but birch wood will work just as well.  You can buy MDF board at Home Depot or Lowe’s and they are usually happy to cut it to whichever size you prefer.)

Sculpey Premo Polymer Clay in Graphite

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4 Responses

  1. Hi there, these summer resin coasters are so creative. I like the way you created that orange color as well. You named them perfectly well, these coasters are perfect for summertime. My daughter is crafty, so I will share your video with her and I am sure I’ll be headed to craft store for her to start a new project after she watches your video lol. Thanks for the share.

    1. Thanks CeCe. Epoxy supplies tend to get a bit pricey at craft stores so I recommend using the Amazon links provided above if your looking to get your daughter started with some supplies.  Have fun! 

  2. Very intriguing!!!!  I really liked what I just saw here.  After watching this video on here, I was asking myself, “Where is this going?”  And as the video went on, I was being pulled in more and more.  The colors on these coasters are amazing!!!  And the fact that it wasn’t that hard to make them was pretty cool.  Sometimes, the easier the better, in my opinion.  These would be great for a beach house especially with those orange sunburst colors.  How cool was that!!!!  And, it didn’t look that difficult either.  Keep up the good work!!!!  

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