Search for the Best: TRex Alcohol Inks for Epoxy Resin

Discover the best alcohol inks for resin art and epoxy resin projects. Explore vibrant colors and high-quality options for your creative needs

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Search for the Best: TRex Alcohol Inks for Epoxy Resin

Welcome to our in-depth review of TRex Alcohol Inks, the ultimate choice for artists working with epoxy resin. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the vibrant colors, impeccable solubility, and stunning pigmentation of TRex Alcohol Inks. Discover why these inks have become a favorite among artists and resin enthusiasts. We’ll also delve into their affordability, color variety, packaging, and lightfastness. Join us on this artistic journey as we uncover the beauty and quality of TRex Alcohol Inks.


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TRex Alcohol Inks for Epoxy Resin Product Review

If you’re an artist working with epoxy resin, you’ve likely heard of TRex Alcohol Inks, and for good reason. These inks offer a delightful burst of color and versatility to your artistic projects. We’ve put these inks to the test, and here’s what we’ve found.

Vibrant Colors That Inspire:

The first thing that struck us about TRex Alcohol Inks is their stunning array of colors. The hues are not only vivid but also blend seamlessly with epoxy resin. The ability to create an extensive palette of shades enhances the depth and richness of your artwork.

Colors in Starter Pack

Here is a list of colors and their descriptions from TRex:

Dragonfruit Pink- Pink can be hard to nail down… too soft, too red, too yellow… after trying many variations we found a pink shade that was JUST RIGHT and named it Dragonfruit Pink after the sassy looking dinosaur fruit.

Shiraz Red- A gorgeous shade of red that is neither too pink, too brown, nor too purple. This solid, direct, bold red stands out as beautifully as a cup of Shiraz on a Summer’s day.

Bellini Orange- Exquisitely bright and juicy, this orange is as refreshing as a Sunday brunch with creamy & dreamy undertones, this is one of our favorites!

Sunshine Yellow- A true-to-name warm yellow that looks and feels like warm sunshine right on the page. Yellow is a hard color to get right, too green… too brown… too faint. Our Sunshine Yellow is highly pigmented and stays true-to-color every time.

Irish Moss- Our favorite of the bunch! So unique and captivating, like brilliant moss on an Irish rock, this vibrant shade of green is an absolute must-have that is sure to catch the eye.

Jurassic Green- This deeply saturated green tone roars with life and adds depth to any painting. We couldn’t resist naming it after our T-Rex moniker where the jungles reigned supreme.

Glacier Blue- This pure crisp blue was inspired by looking at the glaciers in Alaska. It captures that brilliant blue on the edge of illuminated ice. Hint: thin it out to create a beautiful Sky Blue color too! Now that’s versatility!

Tidal Teal- This is the color of a beach vacation on tropical shores! This green-blue shade is just perfect for making you smile and feel relaxed, and it will do the same in your artistic endeavors!

Deep Sea Blue- A resonant hue of blue that is gorgeous and intense and reminiscent of the deep ocean. Our most saturated color, a little goes a long way!

Amethyst Purple- This jewel-toned royal purple hue is remarkably vibrant. Gemstone rich and warm, it is the perfect compliment to the starter pack of 5 warm colors and 5 cool colors.

Space Black- As major nerds… this one was an obvious choice for us. Highly saturated with minimal undertones, this deep inky black will stay black on the page even as it thins out.

Clear Blender- Formulated specifically for T-Rex Alcohol Inks, this is an essential tool for getting your colors to thin out, mix, and change. A drop of this will disperse your inks and let them move around on the page to create fantastic effects.

Affordable Quality:

One of the standout features of these inks is their affordability. For the quality you receive, they are among the best-priced alcohol inks on the market today. Whether you purchase them on Amazon or directly from the manufacturer’s website, you’ll appreciate the value you’re getting for your investment.

A Note on Packaging:

While these inks perform remarkably, their packaging could use some improvement. The bottles aren’t ideal for precise control, especially when working on detailed projects. We recommend investing in additional precision bottles for better ink control, reducing the risk of excess ink spilling onto your canvas.

Potential Quality Control Issue:

Some users have reported receiving bottles that are only half full. If you encounter this problem, don’t hesitate to contact the company; they are likely to rectify the issue. Customer satisfaction seems to be a priority.

Color Fading Concerns:

Another issue raised by some artists is the fading of purples over time. To mitigate this, we suggest using a good UV varnish when incorporating these inks into resin art. Additionally, consider using epoxy resin with HALS and UV filters to extend the longevity of your artwork’s true colors.

A Variety of Applications:

TRex Alcohol Inks are highly versatile and can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including glossy paper, glass, stone, leather, ceramic, vinyl, plastic, foil, wood, fiberglass, vellum, epoxy resin, and even polymer clay. This versatility makes them a valuable addition to any artist’s toolkit.

Extra Ink, Less Mess:

Each bottle of TRex Alcohol Ink contains 33-50% more ink than competitors, and the built-in precision applicators and leak-resistant screw caps provide better control and reduce spillage. The included storage box keeps everything organized and easily accessible.

Supportive Artistic Community:

TRex is a small, family-run company dedicated to the satisfaction of its customers. They go above and beyond to support their growing community of artists. This dedication fosters a sense of belonging and trust among users.

Inclusion of a Clear Blending Solution:

The starter set includes a clear blending solution with an applicator tip, which is a helpful addition for those looking to experiment with blending and layering techniques.

Essential Products for Your Beginner Alcohol Ink Project with Resin

Embarking on a journey into alcohol ink art paired with resin can be an exhilarating adventure for beginners. Whether you’re drawn to the mesmerizing fluidity of alcohol inks or captivated by the glossy finish of resin, combining these mediums opens up a world of creative possibilities. To ensure a smooth and successful start to your project, here are the essential products you’ll need:

If you just want to experiment with alcohol inks, here are the essentials:

1. Alcohol Inks: The heart of your project lies in the vibrant hues of alcohol inks. Opt for a beginner-friendly set that includes a variety of colors to experiment with. Look for alcohol inks specifically formulated for art projects, ensuring they blend seamlessly and offer rich, saturated pigments.

2. Precision Tip Applicator Bottles: These bottles are fantastic for precision application and intricate designs.

3. Yupo Paper or Synthetic Paper: Unlike traditional paper, Yupo or synthetic paper is non-porous, allowing alcohol inks to flow and blend effortlessly. Its smooth surface is ideal for achieving vibrant, fluid designs without absorbing the ink. Cut your Yupo paper into desired shapes or sizes for your artwork.

4. Isopropyl Alcohol: Isopropyl alcohol serves as both a blending solution and a tool for creating unique effects with alcohol inks. Use it to dilute colors, create stunning textures, or remove excess ink for precise detailing. Opt for a high percentage (70% or higher) for best results.

5. QTips: Great for clean up and fir making intricate designs in your art. Try making tiny dots in  your ink patterns to add some complexity to your designs.

5. Heat Gun or Torch: A heat gun or torch is essential for removing air bubbles from your resin surface, ensuring a smooth, flawless finish. Gentle heat application helps bubbles rise to the surface and pop, leaving behind a crystal-clear coating.

5. Workspace Protection: Protect your work surface from spills and drips by using a disposable tablecloth or silicone mat. Resin can be challenging to clean once cured, so preventing messes beforehand will save you time and effort.

If you want to try a resin and alcohol ink project, you will need a few other items:

6. Resin Kit: Choose a high-quality resin kit suitable for beginners. Look for a clear, self-leveling epoxy resin that provides a glossy finish and is compatible with alcohol ink. Ensure the kit includes both resin and hardener components, along with detailed instructions for mixing and application.

7. Mixing Cups and Stir Sticks: Accurate measuring and thorough mixing are crucial for resin projects. Invest in disposable mixing cups and stir sticks to ensure precise ratios and thorough blending of resin components. Avoid using household items that may introduce impurities into your resin mixture.

8. Safety Gear: Working with alcohol inks and resin requires proper safety precautions. Equip yourself with gloves, a mask, and protective eyewear to prevent skin irritation and inhalation of fumes. Work in a well-ventilated area to minimize exposure to harmful vapors.

By gathering these essential products, you’ll be well-equipped to dive into your beginner alcohol ink project with resin. Remember to experiment, embrace mistakes, and let your creativity flow freely as you explore the captivating synergy between alcohol inks and resin. Happy creating!

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