Search for the Best: DecorRom UV Resin

A detailed review of DecorRom UV Resin to help you determine whether this is the best UV Resin product for your art project.

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Search for the Best: DecorRom UV Resin

DecorRom UV Resin Review

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DecorRom Hard UV Resin

DecorRom UV Resin Bottle Sizes:

500 grams/ 17.5 fluid ounces: Buy Here

200 grams/ 7 fluid ounces: Buy Here

DecorRom UV Resin Curing Time

DecorRom UV Resin is non-toxic and easy to use.  However, many customers have complained that it does not cure as quickly as advertised.  The cure times are advertised as follows:

UV Torch: About 1-2 minutes

Direct Sun (Sunny Day): 10-15 minutes

Direct Sun (Cloudy Day): 30-60 minutes

Personally, we did not have any issue with cure time, using a 36 W UV light. 

DecorRom UV Resin Test

Another complaint is that this product has more air bubbles than usual.  However, we also avoided this by lightly heating the surface of the resin with a torch lighter.  

The final UV resin product comes out super shiny and transparent.  

DecorRom is also affordable and self-leveling. 

This is a thin consistency UV Resin so it is not ideal for doming purposes but works well for other purposes.  

DecorRom UV Resin is imported from Japan. 

DecorRom UV Resin can be mixed with liquid colorants or mica powder. 

Be sure to not use too much colorant, however, as it will affect curing ability.

The best part about the UV Resin is that it offers a 100% money-back guarantee. 

DecorRom UV Resin Pro Con

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