Show-Stopping, Six-Glass Resin Wine Butler and Coaster Set

In this blog post, I have a video tutorial showing the steps to make these Resin Wine Butler and Coasters.  Also included is a written tutorial, with detailed steps to make your our resin wine butler and coaster sets. 


 Also listed are the products, including links, used to create this resin art project.


The green and gold colors used to make this set are stunning.  In fact, the video and pictures do not do this piece justice. In-person the colors are much more vibrant, even though they still look pretty fabulous in the video if I do say so myself! 


Use the same products (and colors) linked in the material list if you are attempting to get the same results as I did.  However, if you are trying to get a different result, or change up the color palette, feel free.  Just remember that the products I used to color my resin create the effects.  

So, feel free to use different colors, but make sure the products are the same.  For example, if I used green alcohol ink, you could use purple alcohol ink, but do not switch the green alcohol ink for a purple pigment paste. 


I hope that makes sense! If not, feel free to leave your questions in the comment section below. 


This project is terrific for resin art beginners.

Resin Wine Butler and Coaster Set Video Tutorial

In the video tutorial, I use silicone epoxy resin molds (see materials below to purchase the molds) to make the wine holder.  The mold I use makes a wine butler that holds six wine glasses and a wine bottle, and six matching coasters out of epoxy resin. There are plenty of different wine butler molds out there for you to try if you want to get creative.  Here are a few of the molds I recommend.  I have listed the number of wine glasses they each hold next to the product for your convenience. 

Resin Wine Butler and Coaster Set Inspiration

These green and gold epoxy resin wine holder and resin coasters are inspired by resin artist Valerie Sadiki.

Sadiki’s resin tray tutorial can be found on the @Just4youonlineUK Ltd YouTube channel and the video tutorial can be found here.

Valerie’s colors are a bit different, but I used her resin art technique to create the gold burst in the middle of these coasters.

The pigments I used to create these green and gold resin coasters are listed below.

This is a full resin art tutorial that you are welcome to follow along with to create your own beautiful epoxy resin art masterpieces.

If the video is too fast-paced for you, and you would like to slow it down to follow along:

  1. Open YouTube video settings by clicking the gear ⚙️ icon.
  2. Select Playback Speed and set it to .5.

This will slow the video down for you.

Resin Wine Butler and Coaster SeT Materials

This is a great beginner project and so much fun to experiment with.

Would love to hear your feedback in the comments!

Please feel free to leave any questions and comments in the comments section.

These resin wine holder and coasters sets will also be available at the upcoming Sage Art Market in Scottsdale, AZ.

For more information on this event, visit Arizona Sage Art Market

Products used in this resin pour:

Resin Wine Butler and Coasters Written Tutorial

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