Search for the Best: SANAAA UV Resin Test and Review

A detailed review of SANAAA UV Resin to help you determine whether this is the best UV Resin product for your art project.

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Search for the Best: SANAAA UV Resin Test and Review

SANAAA UV Resin Review

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SANAAA UV Resin Review


SANAAA UV Resin Bottle Sizes

100 grams/ 3.5 ounces: Buy Here

200 grams/ 7 ounces: Buy Here

300 grams/ 10.5 ounces: Buy Here

SANAAA UV Resin Cure Time

 Sunlight: 10-15 minutes

Cloudy Day: 30-60 minutes

UV light: About 1-2 minutes per layer

SANAAA UV Resin Test

We really enjoyed using the SANAAA UV resin and think it is a great affordable option for beginners looking to make some UV resin art crafts.  

SANAAA UV Resin is a hard type, nontoxic UV Resin.  (For an explanation on the difference between soft and hard type UV Resins, see our UV Resin Buyers Guide.)

SANAAA UV Resin does not have a strong odor.  If you do smell a slight odor, it will go away as soon as the product has finished curing.  Always use UV Resin in a ventilated area, or remember to wear a respirator.  

We did not witness any shrinkage after the SANAAA UV Resin was cured. 

Like most UV resin products, this should not be used to make big projects.  SANAAA UV Resin is best used for small figurines, keychains, or coating.  

Some issues we had with this resin involved its self-leveling capabilities, but once we started to cure the resin at a bit of a slower pace than we usually would, the issue resolved itself.  

Some have complained about the smoke given off by SANAAA UV Resin during the curing process, however this can also be avoided by curing slowly and incrementally.  

The SANAAA UV Resin formula cures completely transparent and is resistant to yellowing.  

As far as bubbles are concerned, we did notice a few after pouring from the bottle into a mold.  However, a quick stir with a toothpick resolved the issue. 

You may also be able to use a lighter to quickly brush across the surface of the UV resin to get rid of any bubbles that form after pouring.  

SANAAA UV resin reacted well to mica pigments, as well as UV resin pigments. 

However, we do not recommend using alcohol inks (at least not in excess) or dark pigments.  The alcohol inks add too much moisture to the UV Resin and hinder curing.

The dark pigments do not allow the UV light to penetrate through the entire UV  resin layer, hindering the curing process as well.  

Do not pour UV SANAAA Resin in thick layers. 

In fact, we do not recommend pouring thicker than 1/8 an inch.  

However, pouring a layer, curing it, pouring another layer, curing it, and so on, will work.

This UV Resin technique does require patience though, so do not get frustrated if you move too quickly and end up with a sticky mess!

Lastly, the SANAAA UV Resin manufacturer suggests curing with a 36W UV light. (or sunlight)

We found that the 36W UV  light was actually a bit too high of wattage for this resin, as it fared better with a slower cure. 

So, we used a regular gel nail curing UV lamp and the process went smoothly!

We hope this helps and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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