Search for the Best: Solarez UV Resin Review

A detailed review of Solarez UV Resin to help you determine whether this is the best UV Resin product for your art project.

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Search for the Best: Solarez UV Resin Review

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Solarez UV Resin Bottle Sizes

1 Pint: Buy Here

4 fluid ounces: Buy Here

1 Gallon: Buy Here

1 Quart: Buy Here

Solarez UV Resin Cure Times

Sunlight: 3-5 min per 1/2 inch of UV resin

UV Torch– 30 seconds with a strong torch and a thin layer or 1-3 minutes up to 1/2 inch thick pour

May take up to 25-30  minutes to achieve full cure if you pour deeper than 1/2 an inch and have to add the catalyst. (or in dark pigment situations where a catalyst is needed.)

Solarez states, 

Cure times in Sunlight may vary based on geographic placement above the equator, season, and weather. Don’t be an amateur.


Haha I love that they add that last part in there.  Jeez!

Solarez UV Resin Test

Unlike the other UV Resins products we have reviewed, this is a UV curable polyester resin.

Also unlike other products on this list, this UV Resin has the ability to cure in three different ways- UV light source, sunlight, or by adding a catalyst. 

Any mix of these three techniques will also achieve a full cure.

There are many advantages to this, each of which we discuss below. 

An Unfortunate Odor

An unfortunate feature of polyester resin is its strong odor.  Be sure you work with this product in a well-ventilated space or wear a mask.  (For information on the appropriate mask, as well as other safety precautions, check out Best UV Resin For Crafts: Everything you Need to Know)

MEKP Catalyst Curing

Using sunlight or a UV light will effectively cure up to 1/2 inch of Solarez UV Resin. 

However, if you want to do a thicker UV Resin pour, adding the MEKP Catalyst, which is included with the purchase of this product, allows for a full cure of pours over 1/2 of an inch thick. 

Product curing with the catalyst may take up to 30 minutes to achieve a full cure.

This MEKP catalyst is especially handy when working with UV resin. 

Most UV resins are not able to cure when mixed with dark pigments or large glitter pieces. 

However, a couple of drops of this MEKP catalyst and those hard-to-reach places that are covered by pigment or glitter are able to cure right along with the rest of your UV Resin piece. 

This is a huge benefit to using Solarez UV Resin.

Non Yellowing, Transparent Finish

No yellowing, glossy finish, transparent. 

Faster Cure

Even if you are in a situation where you must use sunlight and you have to add the MEKP catalyst, cure time is still much faster than epoxy resins – an average of 25-30-minute curing time.

Solarez and Bigger Projects

Solarez may be used for bigger products than other UV Resins reviewed.  For example, Solarez has been used successfully for tabletops, jewelry, and rapid prototyping. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Solarez UV Resin offers a money-back guarantee of all of its products, so you really can not go wrong with that!

This is one of our go-to UV Resins. 

Note that Solarez makes other types of resins as well that you may be interested in trying!

Also, Solarez is made in the USA and has been around since 1985. 

Solarez UV Light

Solarez also manufactures their own UV torch, which will cure UV Resin in 30 seconds!  This may vary based on the thickness of your pour, but it works great for bonding projects.  You can purchase it a the link below.

 Buy Solarez UV Torch Here

Solarez UV Resin pro con list

In conclusion...

Solarez UV Resin is a great product due to its versatility and will work for many more types of projects than most other UV Resins.

 The MEKP Catalyst adds extra utility to the Solarez UV Resin product. 

Just as a reminder, this product has a very noxious smell, so you do need to be aware and take the proper precautions, whether that be working in a well-ventilated space or wearing a face mask. 

Solarez is an established, reputable company that has many loyal, satisfied customers and we do not doubt you will get a great result with their product. 

The Solarez customer service team is also top-notch if you have an issue and the money back guarantee is all you can ask for.  

If you are looking for a UV Resin that does not have such a strong odor or you do not need a dual cure resin, check out the suggestions listed in Best UV Resin For Crafts: Everything you Need to Know.

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