Make Your Own Adorable Swiss Cheese Resin Cutting Board

Have you wondered what it would take to make your own Swiss Cheese Resin Cutting Board?  You are in the right place! We have included a written and video tutorial walking you through the steps to take to construct your own resin cutting board.  Cheddar, Swiss, muenster, or mozzarella, whichever cheese your desire.  It’s time to get sticky!  If you can make a grilled cheese, you can make a cheese resin cutting board!  It is that simple!

Let's Get Started!

Today I am going to show you how I make my swiss cheese cutting boards! These are popular products and fun to make with epoxy resin. I would say this is an intermediate level resin art project. All the supplies/materials and tools you will need are linked below.

Have fun and can’t wait to hear how your swiss cheese cutting boards come out!

My channel is relatively new and I would love to know if my content is being received well or if people like the projects I am showcasing. I welcome any comments and would love any suggestions for content you would like to see next!

Quick Tip

If you feel the video is too fast, click the settings (gear) icon and select Playback Speed. Set the speed to .5 and the video will play slower. Feel free to screenshot any parts of the video you need and please leave any questions you may have in the comments below!

Swiss Cheese Resin Cutting Board Materials


How to Make a Swiss Cheese Resin Cutting Board


Step One: Cutting Board Prep

a. Cover all areas of the cutting board where you do not want resin. Take your time with this step because it will determine the quality of your final piece.

b. Cut out tape circles using your painter’s tape and some wax paper.  Peel the painter’s tape off the wax paper and place it on your board where you would like the holes in the swiss cheese resin to be.

c. Cut half-inch tabs of painter’s tape and fold them in half, placing them onto each circle. These tabs should act as little handles, allowing you to pull the tape circles off after the resin has partially cured. 

Step Two: Base Paint

a.  Using either yellow or white acrylic paint, paint the area of the cutting board you would like the resin swiss cheese to be.  Don’t worry about painting over your tape circles, but try to avoid the tabs.  You do not want the tabs to get stuck to the board, making it harder for you to pull off the tape circles. 

b.  Remember to paint the sides of the cutting board!

Step Three: Mix and Apply Resin

a. Mix a small amount of epoxy resin, according to the directions on the bottle.  (You will not need more than a quarter cup of resin if you are doing a cutting board like the one I demonstrate in the video.)

b.  Mix light yellow acrylic paint (a dime-sized amount) with your epoxy resin until the color has thoroughly mixed into the resin. 

b. Pour your colored resin onto the painted area of your cutting board.

Step Four: Let Dry (Partially) and Remove Tape

a. Let dry for half of the time it takes your resin to cure.  (Usually 6-8 hours)

b.  Pull off your tape circles using the tabs as best you can.  

c.  Using a razor blade or pocket blade, clean up the circles as best as possible.  (Do not worry if you end up exposing some of the base paint. We will fix this in the next step.

Step Five: Clean up Paint and Let Cure Completely

a.  Using a paint cleaning medium, such as turpentine or acetone, rub off any of the base paint that was exposed when cleaning up the circles.

b.  Let your resin finish curing and ENJOY your new, very chic, cheese cutting board!

Let's wrap this up!

Please share this post and give the video a thumbs up on YouTube if you enjoyed it or found it useful.  If you are interested in another resin cutting board tutorial, one that is not quite as cheesy, check out this Resin Cutting Board Tutorial.


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14 Responses
  1. This is a very unique design for a cutting board. My dad really loves to make DIY products like this one, so I’m sure he will love the process of making it. However, this cutting board needs to be placed in a very closed cabinet to avoid mice mistaken it as a real cheese 🙂 I’ll share your video with my dad since it seems easier to follow it compared to reading (for him). Thanks

    1. Blue-  We would not want those dang mice getting into the cheese!  Haha, cute.  I would love to see how your dad’s project turns out if he tries it.  Thanks for visiting and thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, I loved watching your video on making your own swiss cheese resin cutting board.

    I have never seen anything like this before today. I know very little about the topic. I did leave a comment asking how does it go in the wash? Do you use dishwashing liquid, or can you place it in the dishwasher?

    I do like the idea of making a cheese board look like swiss cheese. I must give this a try. 

    Also, I love your quote in the heading “Endless Possibilites” Everything is possible.

    1. Yvonne- Thank you, I have always loved the quote, ‘endless possibilities’ too, especially when it pertains to creating new crafts!  

      You can wash this product by hand with soap and water.  I would not put it in the dishwasher.  The resin would be fine in the dishwasher, but the cheese cutting board I use is made from high-quality wood, so I would not want to put it in the dishwasher.  

      That being said, it depends on which cheese cutting board you use as your base.  Just be sure to follow the washing instructions for the cutting board you decide to use.  

      Let me know if you have any questions once you get started!

  3. What a fantastic way to spend indoors on a rainy day. Doing a project on a swiss cheese cutting board. I was wondering how does it wash after using it?

    1. It depends on what kind of cutting board you use for the project. Follow the directions for your specific cutting board. As far as the resin goes, it will be fine in the dishwasher after it has cured completey. If you wish to be gentler with it, hand washing with soap and water will work as well!

  4. From someone who LOVES cheese, let me first say thank you so much! This is genius. With the directions you’ve laid out, not only does it seem simple to do, but it seems like something my girlfriend would like as well. Enjoyed the tutorial video you’ve officially just won us over 🙂 

    Thanks again!

  5. Thank you for sharing your process of making these swiss cheese cutting boards. The idea is incredibly cute, so I can totally see how this would be one of your more popular products. Although the instructions don’t seem difficult, I would feel like a project like this would require someone with a stable hand to do, which I unfortunately do not have. It was fun watching you process in the video however.

    1. It is a bit time-consuming and yes, it does require a bit of a steady hand. However, if you tape the board correctly there really is no way to mess this up.  Don’t worry though, we will have them available in the Craftelot Resin Art Shop soon!  You can also custom order them by contacting us. Contact Us Here

  6. What Fun! Very creative! The cheese design was a unique way to personalize a cutting board and only Eleven minutes and forty-nine seconds to create(not including drying time).  On the other hand, the video was well done; the explanation was clear and easy to understand. Great DIY project; it gets a person thinking of what to create next.  

    1. Glad we could inspire some creativity for you!  Just a heads up though, I did speed up the video in quite a few places when making the tutorial.  So, it took much longer than 11 minutes, but it was definitely worth it in the end.  Good luck with your next project!

  7. Hi Ashley,

    I have been looking into using resin for other projects. I wasn’t making a cutting board but the information you have given here is useful in so many ways. I have taken away some good tips from this article. 

    One of the most important, I think is knowing how important preparation is and understanding what you do in the beginning and how it will affect the final product. 

    Thanks for sharing your skills! Cool cutting boards too!


    1. Thanks Groomy Dude!  Resin is a great medium to make tons of projects with!  Careful though, I promise you will get addicted fast!  Yes, preparation is key.  Stay tuned for an upcoming cutting board tutorial, live edge and resin style.  Have a great day!

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