Halloween Candy Dishes Tutorial: New Resin Art Creation

In this tutorial, we are making Halloween candy dishes!  This simple resin art project makes the cutest Halloween themed candy bowls and the instructions are easy enough to get your children involved!  The options ns are endless, as most of our projects on here are.  For example, you could put any type of Halloween-inspired character into your candy bowl, including ghosts, witches, ghouls Frankenstein and more!  For this project, we make a pumpkin and candy corn candy dish.  For added effect, we made our pumpkin-themed bowl have a glow-in-the-dark face!  Keep reading to find out how we did this and how you can make these awesome Halloween crafts yourself!

The process is simple and all materials are listed below, including links to where you can find great deals to buy each product. 

The bowls we made are available in the Craftelot Resin Art Shop.

This is a fun, easy Halloween resin art craft for all ages and a great way to celebrate Halloween! We love to hear your comments, so leave them below! 

Halloween Candy Dishes: Video Tutorial

Halloween Candy Dishes: Materials

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Halloween Candy Dishes: Written Tutorial

Step One: Hot Glue Halloween Shape Outline in Wooden Bowl


When choosing which wooden bowl to use for your Halloween Resin Art project, be sure to pick a bowl with a flat bottom. This is the only way your shape will look right after pouring your resin.  All of the wooden bowls suggested in the material list above will work, but you may be able to find others in stores near you.  

To prep the wooden bowl, it helps to use liquid latex, however, this is optional. Spread liquid latex into the bowl, avoiding the center few inches of the bottom of the bowl. 

Note: You do not want the latex to sit under your Halloween shape, as the resin will not stay in the bowl after it cures. 

However, it helps to make sure your liquid latex sits under the hot glue border we will make next to ensure you can peel off the hot glue easily.  (Do not worry if you do not use liquid latex. I have a trick to get off the hot glue at the end that makes the process simple!) If you are going to use liquid latex, watch the video above to see exactly where to put the latex.  Allow the latex to dry completely before adding your hot glue. 

Next, decide which Halloween shape(s) to put in the bottom of your Halloween Candy Dishes.  If you are not good at free handing, print out a Halloween shape off the computer and cut around the shape.  You can use this as a tracing stencil. 

With a pencil, either freehand or using your stencil, draw or trace your Halloween shape onto the bottom of your bowl.  Press lightly so your marks do not show through any places you do not cover with resin. 

After you have drawn your shape the way you want it, use a hot glue gun and slowly trace over your pencil marks.  (Trace along the outside of the pencil marks to ensure your resin covers up all pencil marks.) Make sure there are no breaks in the hot glue gun barrier. You do not want any resin to be able to seep out from inside the hot glue barrier. If you are doing a shape that needs more than one color, like out candy corns bowls in the video, use the hot glue gun to create barriers for each color.  For example, since our candy corn shape needed to be colored with yellow, white, and orange, we put two lines of hot glue in the candy corn shape to separate the colors when poured. 

Let your hot glue dry completely in your Halloween Candy Dishes.

Step Two:  Pumpkin Face

This step is only necessary if you have chosen to make a pumpkin shape in  your bowl and you want the pumpkin to have a carved face.  If this is the case, take a silicone mat and, using your hot glue gun, trace each part of your pumpkin’s face.  For example, you will make three triangles shapes for the eyes and nose and then a whichever shape you would like for the mouth of the pumpkin.

You can get creative here, giving the pumpkin missing teeth, or even vampire fangs!

Let the hot glue dry on your silicone mat. 

Note: The hot glue will not detach easily from this silicone mat, so do not expect to use the mat again, unless you are making more pumpkin faces!

I suggest using a UV resin to fill your face molds, as it will save you time.

However, you may also use epoxy resin.

For our pumpkin bowl, I mixed UV Resin with Orange Glow Powder so the face would look as if it was lit up by a candle.  It came out pretty neat!  (See video) 

After mixing the glow powder into the UV resin, pour into your face molds, and cure with a UV light.  

Only cure these pieces for a minute or so. You want to cure for just enough time that the pieces are still soft enough to be cut to desired size.  However, you want the UV resin to be hard enough that it is not drippy anymore.  

Demold your face parts and use scissors to clean up the edges and cut to desired size.  It helps to place the pieces into the wooden bowl to make sure the pieces are the correct size for your pumpkin shape. 

After cut to size, finish curing with a UV light and set the pieces aside for a bit. 

Step Three: Mix, Color, and Pour Epoxy Resin 

Mix your epoxy resin according to the directions on the bottle.  For mixing tips, see How to Mix Bubble-Free Epoxy Resin.

After mixing the epoxy resin, color it with acrylic paint.  You may also use resin pigment paste if you have it, but make sure you use an opaque resin colorant. 

You want the color to be solid so you can not see the wood through the epoxy resin. 

Once colored, pour your epoxy into the shape you created in the bowl in step one.  Fill the shape up just enough to reach the top of the hot glue barrier, but do not over pour. You do not want the resin to flow over the barrier.  

If making a pumpkin with a face, wait until your epoxy resin has cured for a few hours, then place your face castings into the pumpkin. You want to wait a bit so the face castings do not sink underneath the epoxy resin poured into bowl.  However, you do not want to wait for the epoxy resin to cure completely as the face castings will just sit on top of the epoxy and we want the shapes to look like they are actually carved into the pumpkin. 

Let the epoxy resin cure completely. 

Step Four: Remove Hot Glue from your Halloween Candy Bowl

Next, you want to remove the hot glue from around your cured epoxy shape.  If you have used liquid latex, peel off the latex and the glue should come off with it. 

If you skipped this step, don’t worry!

 All you need is a bit of rubbing alcohol. 

Pour the rubbing alcohol into your bowl, focusing on the areas with hot glue. 

Let the alcohol sit there for a few minutes.  After a few minutes the glue should peel off pretty easily. 

If there are any stubborn parts, just add a bit more rubbing alcohol and pick out the glue with a razor blade. 

Be carful not to pull off any of the epoxy your poured!

Using sand paper, clean up the edges of  your Halloween shape if needed. 

Also, lightly sand the top of your epoxy so the next layer adheres completely.  

Step Five: Pour Flood Coat

Lastly, wipe down the bowl to make sure there is no sanding dust leftover. Then, mix up some more epoxy resin.  Pour a layer of epoxy resin into he bottom of the bowl and let cure completely. 

That’s it!  Now you have the cutest Halloween Candy Dishes around!

Thanks for Reading!

Thank you so much for checking out our Halloween Candy Dishes tutorial.  We hope you love how your project turned out!

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Happy Halloween!

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  1. I am so glad I came across this article. My daughter and her Girl Scout troops are looking for a Halloween arts and crafts project that they could do for the senior homes in our area. This article mainly highlights a perfect project very easy to fall as the girls can do for the seniors but also for parents with young kids who want to engage him in a fun Halloween activity

    Thank you so much for this article it’s very timely and very interesting thank you for this article!


    1. Mike- What a great idea! I love that your kids are doing community service like this. Seniors would absolutely love to receive one of these amazing gifts from your kiddos! Please let me know if you would like me to send you a list of affordable materials the girls could use to make these. It might be best to buy these materials in bulk if you have a big troop!

  2. As one of the most popular holidays for children, having Halloween crafts they can make is an awesome idea. I am often wondering how to encourage my children, and to complete bonding activities together. You have just provided wonderful ideas for this season. I suppose that incredible ideas like this with such terrific steps of instruction could be done for other celebrations also. Do you plan on doing the same for other holidays?

    1. Absolutely, these bowls can be adapted for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, New Years, etc. Just change up the designs in the middle. For example, you could make a Christmas tree, a rabbit, an Easter egg, a birthday cake, or even a star for new year’s! Have fun with it. The kids love it, but they also make really cute decorations and candy dishes for adults. People love to see them on my desk at work during the holidays! It helps that I put little candy corns and pumpkin candies in the dishes as well. 🙂

  3. A very timely website to find. You provide a lot of great information and easy to follow instructions. I think it is a great idea to do it yourself but my only concern is, are the materials used safe to be in contact with food that kids are going to eat? Also are the materials used easy to find in local stores, or do you need to go to a specialty art store?



    1. Great questions Steve! So, all the epoxy resin I recommend for projects that come in contact with food are FDA approved to be food safe after they have cured.  So, once cured, there is not issue with safety. Also, the epoxy resins I recommend do not have any VOCs, and very few fumes.  So, short amounts of contact time while mixing is not going to be incidental to your health, however, you could do that part of the project for the child incase.  It is kind of difficult to make sure the epoxy resin is mixed completely anyway, so I would suggest that either way!

      If you have further concerns, check out Best Epoxy Resin For Art Projects–Everything You Need To Know.  I have also put together an Epoxy Resin for Art Comparison Chart (reference guide) that lists all the safety specs for some of the most popular epoxy resin for art brands on the market today.  

      You can find all the supplies needed at your local craft store, like Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  However, I suggest ordering the products on Amazon, especially the epoxy resin, using the links provided above, as I have found products that are priced much more affordably than they are in the store. 

  4. Halloween is around the corner so this is the perfect time to make an article. In my country (South Africa), we are not known to celebrate Halloween. Maybe because we are not aware of what it is or we have a negative outlook on it. This is something I would definitely show my family as they are more open to the idea of Halloween. 

    1. The neat part about this project is that it can be tweaked a bit to fit any sort of celebration, or even just any hobby!  For example, if you have a friend who loves basketball, you could make a dish with a basketball in the middle.  Or if you have a friend who is a dentist, you could put a tooth in the middle! Literally the possibilities are endless!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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