Easy Wine Butler and Coaster Set Out of Resin

Resin Wine Holder and Coasters Tutorial and Process Video with extra tips for using molds in your resin art castings.

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Easy Wine Butler and Coaster Set Out of Resin

In this article, we have included a video and written tutorial showing you how to easily make a wine butler and coaster set out of epoxy resin.  Also, included is a material list, complete with links to the most affordable products we have found to make this project.

  These epoxy resin wine butler and coaster sets make a great gift for holidays or special occasions and do not take much time to make at all!

In this video, I share a couple of tips for those of you looking to make your own spectacular epoxy resin art.
This is a great beginner project and so much fun to experiment with!

We hope you will try the project out for yourselves and please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below!

Easy Wine Butler and Coaster Set Out of Resin Video Tutorial

Resin Wine Butler and Coaster Set Materials

In the video tutorial, I use a silicone mold (see materials below to purchase the mold) to make a wine holder, which holds two glasses and a wine bottle, and two matching coasters out of epoxy resin. The epoxy resin wine holder and coasters are red, brown, and gold and I used multiple pigments, all of which are listed below, to color my resin. 
If you are attempting to make a wine butler and coaster set that is another color, just pick the pigment colors you want. 
All of the links in this list will take you to Amazon, where there are thousands of pigment color options.  However, I do recommend sticking with the brands I recommend here because the effects in this project are a direct result of the specific products used.  For a project using budget Amazon projects, check out Budget Resin Coasters: For A Frugal Crafter.

The Best Epoxy For Wine Butler and Coaster Sets

I have tried tones of different epoxy resins for tons of different types of art projects.  It is true that certain epoxy resins are better suited for certain projects. 


In the case of coasters, the ideal epoxy resin is a medium viscosity (thickness), crystal clear, rock hard when cured, and UV resistant. 


The same goes for wine butlers, but the ability to cure rock hard is even more important.  For the wine butler to stay straight when holding heavy wine glasses, the epoxy must be rigid when cured. 


It took a lot of trial and error, but I finally found an epoxy that I recommend highly for resin wine butlers and coaster sets. It is called Incredible Solutions Epoxy Resin.  Luckily, it has all the qualities I was looking for for this type of resin project AND it is affordable.


The one negative about this product is that it has a little less working time than some of the other art resins on the market today.  You get about 30 minutes of working time, which should be adequate for this type of project. 


I would rather have a final product that can actually be used as it was intended and deal with having a little less working time.


If I find another product that has all these qualities and has a longer working time, I will update this post for you, but for now, use the following:

Here is the list of pigments and other materials I used to create this gorgeous resin wine butler and coaster set:

Wine Butler and Coaster Set Written Tutorial

Step One: Prepare Your Workspace

As always, I strongly recommend you take the time to prepare your workspace before beginning a resin art project.  This saves tons of headaches later on in the project.


First, make sure the surface you choose to do your project on is level.  Using a level tool is key to getting perfect results.


For this activity, you will not need a large amount of space so any of the silicone craft mats in Best Silicone Craft Mats For Resin Artists will work. 


Once you lay down your craft mat, set up the tools and molds needed for the pour  For example, set out a row of plastic or paper cups next to your molds, as well as wooden or silicone stir sticks.  A large silicone or plastic measuring cup is also recommended.  My favorite kit to use for resin art is the following:

This kit comes with multiple sizes of silicone cups and measuring cups, which are always handy. The kit also includes pair of gloves.


As far as safety precautions go, wearing gloves when working with epoxy resin is very important! Not only do gloves protect sensitive skin from any potential reactions to epoxy resin, but they also save you the time of trying to scrub resin off your hands after you finish your project. Trust me, this is an arduous task. 

If for some reason, you get epoxy resin on your skin, the best product I have found to wipe it off easily, are the hand wipes by Grime Boss. (Link below.)
I try to have these wipes on hand at all times when working with epoxy.

Another product that works decently is Fast Orange Pumice Lotion. You can purchase on Amazon using the link below.

After prepping your space, move on to Step Two. 

Step Two: Pick Your Pigments

For this step, pick out pigments to color your epoxy resin with.  If you are going for the same look that I achieved in the video tutorial, use the pigments in the material list.  However, if you want to get creative and try another color palette, go for it! 


Just remember the larger variety of pigments you use, the more effects you can achieve.  For example, a great mix of pigment types for this project would be:


Color 1: Alcohol Ink

Color 2: Acrylic Paint

Color 3: Bombay India Ink

Color 4: Pigments Powders (Great product, but on the expensive side)


Some other pigment options are oil paints, (in limited quantities) Food Coloring, resin dye, or Castin’ Craft Opaque Pigments. 


You do not need much pigment to color epoxy resin  In fact, you usually do not need more than a dime-size amount of pigment to fully saturate your resin. 


After you have picked out the types of pigments you are using, as well as the colors of these pigments, put a dime-sized amount of each pigment into your silicone or paper cups. 


Move on to Step Three. 

Step Three: Mix Your Epoxy resin

Yay! Time to mix your epoxy resin. 


The most important tip I can give you for mixing your epoxy resin is to follow the directions on the bottle. 


You will not need more than a cup of resin in total if you are using the same molds I used in the video. 


For further tips on mixing a crystal clear, bubble-free epoxy resin, check out How to Mix Bubble-Free Epoxy Resin.


Remember, once you mix your epoxy resin, you must work quickly.  Although we only recommend epoxy resins with the longest working times on the market, 30-45 minutes is the most time you have after mixing.  You do not need to get sloppy and rush, but working swiftly is important. 


I recommend setting a timer on your phone until you get comfortable visually determining how much more time you have left to work with a batch of epoxy.


After you have mixed your epoxy resin, pour an equal amount into the cups that you put pigments into in the previous step.  Be sure to save some clear resin to use in your pour! 

Move on to Step Four.

Step Four: Start your Pour

Now for the fun part.  I suggest starting with your clear resin.  Pour a bit of clear resin into each of your molds to begin. 

Next, pick another color, and pour on top of the clear resin. 

It is up to you the pattern by which you pour the rest of your colors.  However, I suggest being heavy-handed when pouring each of the colors.  The wine butler and coasters will look best if the colors are well-defined and colors tend to get muddy if you only pour a bit of each color at a time. 

Experiment with different pour techniques.  For example, pour from further up in the air will push the colors that are already in the mold further to the outside of the mold.  Pouring closer to the mold will not push the colors out as much, but may make some interesting effects with regard to depth.  Another technique to use is to pour a color in a ring around the mold.  This gives more of a detailed look to your final piece. 

Periodically pour in a bit of clear resin between the colors. This really helps with effects. 

Have fun! This is the relaxing part of resin art, so do not think too much into it.  Just pour and pour some more!

Quick Tip: Be sure to fill up your molds completely.  You want to end up w a thick wine butler, as it needs to hold up wine glasses.  Also, thicker coasters always look better when using resin!

Step Five: Let Cure Overnight and Demold

Let your wine butler and coasters cure overnight and then demold them.  Admire your handiwork! 


Note:  Your wine butler and coaster set are not fully cured at this point.  In fact, it could take up to two weeks for your pieces to cure completely rock hard.  Depending on the temperature in your home, this timing may vary. 


Just do not freak out if your pieces are still bendy.  This is totally normal! 


Importantly, after demolding, be sure to keep your wine butler and coasters on a flat surface.  If they are stored in a place where they are able to bend, they will continue to cure and you will end up with a rock-hard, bent wine butler and coaster set.  No Bueno!

Step Six: Add Metallic Paint to Edges (Optional)

This step is totally optional.  if you like the way your edges look, do not worry about this.  However, if you think adding a bit more shine to your wine butler and coaster set is necessary, by all means, keep crafting! 

Using a gilding pen, like the one linked in the material list above, paint the edges of your pieces.  Move slowly when doing this so you do not mess up the tops of your pieces. 

I suggest using a metallic color, like gold, silver, or bronze.  However, you could use colored paint pens if you want blue, black, purple, etc. edges.  Let the edges dry and enjoy your new product once it has fully cured.  

resin wine butler and coaster set
resin wine butler and coaster set
resin wine butler and coaster set
resin wine butler and coaster set

Keep on Crafting!

Thank you for reading and please leave any questions you may have in the comment section below. 

We also appreciate you sharing this tutorial on your social media pages if you found it useful! 

Check out our Resin Art Blog for tons of other great Resin Art projects and remember, with resin art, the possibilities are endless. 

12 Responses

  1. Oh wow! this is gorgeous! I want to make this now. I love the colors that you used, they look stylish. I think I’d make two sets, one in those warm fall colors like in your example and for the second set I’d use blue, white, and green colors, make it like an ocean mix. I’ve never worked with resin before. In the video it looks easy. Is it easy for a beginner? You said that the resin you recommended only gives you 30 minutes working time. Does that mean that it starts getting hard after those 30 minutes?

    1. Hello Christine, I love working with blues and greens, any ocean-themed colors. One of my favorite types of resin art to experiment with is ocean scenery-type paintings. Check out Ocean Resin Art Tutorial to see what I mean!

      As far as the crafting level of epoxy resin art, projects range from beginner to advanced. However, this would be a beginner project, so you are in the correct place.

      The working time is the time between mixing your resin and hardener together and the moment it starts to cure and become unworkable. So yes, basically is it until it starts to cure or get hard. I have used one resin in the past that stretched to a 45 minute working time, but there were other things about this resin that made it unsuitable for this type of resin casting. mold project. It is best to assume, unless the brand claims otherwise, that most epoxy resins on the market have between 30-40 minutes of working time.

      For this reason, preparation is ALWAYS key for this type of project. Having your pigments in the cups beforehand, laying out your molds and mixing sticks, deciding the order you would like to pour, taping your canvas if necessary, picking your molds, etc. are ALL things that need to be done BEFORE you mix your hardener with your epoxy.

      Once you gain a bit more experience, you may be able to do some of these things quicker, but at the beginning you want as much of that 30-40 minutes working time preserved for pouring and pouring ONLY! Epoxy resin is an amazingly fun medium to work with, despite the time limit.

      I find the time limit keeps me accountable, in a way. I know that I cannot spend forever and a day deciding what to do once my epoxy is mixed. I just go for it and see how it turns out! It takes a lot of artists out of their comfort zone, which is exactly what is needed to create original beautiful new artworks!

      Thanks for reading and for the great questions.

  2. Hi Ashley. Thank you for great post. I love to do things by myself, and its always good gift for my family and friends. I never thought before about creating wine butler, but looking on your tutorial it seems super easy. Thank you for detailed step by step guide, for sure I will test it in practice.

  3. Thanks for sharing a great article and video to learn how to paint a wine butler and coaster set with resin, as the Holidays are around the corner, this tutorial is right on time, as I love to make handmade gifts for my children, and I’m sure they will love them, and with your good tips on this tutorial, I can make one set in a different color for each one of my children!

    1. Alejandra- 

      Yes, these are the best gifts for the holidays! Your family and friends will love them. Plus, they are a handmade gift item that people actually do like to be gifted, instead of pretend to like, if you know what I mean 🙂

  4. Hi Ashley, I really enjoy art and crafts. I think this could be a great one for Christmas time– making wine butler and coaster set out of epoxy resin! The colours are so vibrant; it’s amazing how the marble looks with these pigments applied. This also seems like an activity that would work well with kids as they get more hands-on in their projects. After looking at your page, I will come up with other things you can make using the same concept? Have you ever thought about experimenting by adding different pigments yourself after giving this project ago?

  5. This is a nicely done post explaining the process of how to paint a wine butler and coaster set with resin. It goes over all of the materials that is needed to get the magic to happen. It certainly doesn’t require too much effort, but the end result should look beautiful with a nice combination of colors like red, orange, and yellow.

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